Steem Monster Mania

in #steemmonsters3 years ago

Yes please! I NEED some shiny new cards!

Just look at the gaping holes in my collection!
It's sad, depressing, a travesty! How can we let this stand?

I came to Steem Monsters after entering that little asshole Akox Shortwick's (of @themonstertrader) coloring contest - ok, so it was actually a contest by @wolv but he's like Akox's brother or something.

You can see my quite awesome (if awesome = really bad) entry here and be amazed at my lack of artistic skill.

So by some twist of fate (or probably more like lack of entries), I won this most awesome Divine Healer Gold Card!

Next, @newbiegames had a wonderful Minnow/Newbie Palooza and I won some more cards (I was very excited!).

Since Akox was drunk in a pub somewhere @newbiegames was kind enough to let me know how to find my precious cards. (Turns out you just go to and login.)

Now I had a few very awesome cards but I felt a lot of card envy. Time to jump in and spend some hard-earned Steem! The only minor problem, I had/have no idea what I was jumping in to. One starter pack and several packs later here I am, trying to be like the cool kids except without any clue.

Hopefully, someone can tell me what I'm to do with all my newfound fabulousness.

I hear a game is launching soon. As I never played any of these card games (unless go fish counts?) I am at a major disadvantage. I fear, that just by my admitting to my naivete around this type of gameplay the card sharks will be knocking at my virtual door trying to scam me out of my most precious cards.... dun...dun....dun.....paranoia sets in.

On to the questions:

What do I like about the new Steem Monsters project?

I can pretend to be cool since I'm a part of it (sort of - I mean I have like some cards - and even 2 gold cards - so I'm cool right?). I also always like to learn something new - so teach me my Steem Monster Yoda Mentors!

Why do I want to get involved? Play? Invest? Both?

Sure! Let's go with that answer. Now if I had a better clue about what's actually going on here I could actually answer that but..... since I don't. Do I hope my cards gain in values so I can buy that cherry red Lambo? Yes, let's make that happen - if someone could just clue me in that would be great.

What are my thoughts about the artwork?

If you checked out my coloring contest submission you can see that art is not my forte. I do like the artwork on the cards, my favorite is the Sabre Shark and pretty much all the water element cards. Although my Gold Divine Healer is my favorite of all because the little puppy @wolv picked it out for me.

If I had to promote the game outside of Steem?

Well, like everything it's marketing, marketing, marketing, visiblity, visibility, visibility. I think I would take to twitter and have a twitter account for each card and do some creative tweeting. Advertising to the CryptoKitties crowd would also make sense.


Obviously, I should win because soon I'm going to rule the Steem Monsters universe ( just as soon as someone tells me how to do that and gives me more cards to fill in the above gaps in my collection).

And then I'll hold you all hostage for...


We all grow together

In Peace, Love, and Health.



Awesome! So glad you let me urge you into presenting during PYPT! 😊

Well, when @thekittygirl says jump the only obvious answer is “how high?”

And...#SnookMadeMeDoIt. 😂


that little asshole Akox

andddddddddddd i can't breathe LOLOLOL

Remind me I send you some😎

Woot! My collection did fill out a little with my third place win 😀.

I'm still waiting on someone to tell me what I'm doing with them but they sure are awesome to look at 😜

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