I recently introduced my 5 year old nephew to Steemmonsters and he needs a Prince Rennyn delegation. I’ve sent him many cards to give him a great start but I don’t have any Rennyn to give him. He does not receive allowance yet so I can’t imagine how he would ever be able to buy such a card. I’m a great uncle and would be happy to buy him one for his birthday, but his deck has other needs I should fill first, such as Selena Sky. Your offer of delegation may be his best chance to play with a legendary summoner. Please consider @cyguy for your delegation.

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Coole Aktion. Ich halte das für eine tolle Idee :)
Habe aber keinen Bedarf, da mir der Summoner wenig nützen würde.

Würde dir nur einer auf Level 3 helfen?

Sehr nett, dass du fragst, aber nein ich denke nicht. Gib es jemanden, der wirklich heiß darauf ist. bei mir wäre es verschwendet ;)

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Very cool idea 😀 I love this card, now it's probably my favorite 😉 I've allowed myself to share your post with a few new players. Greetings

I think i should get a chance to play with prince rennyn free because am new user and also aware about the used of this card but card is too costly for me yet so i think i used this card nicely then other new user. thanks for fantastic post for new user in steemmonster .
My username name is vipin99 in steemmonster.
Need level 2.

Aw. That's so kind of you @theaustrianguy. What a great thing to do with your cards before you max them.

I've really enjoyed your tutorials too. Thanks for taking the time to write them. 😍

Good on you! Later today I'll announce who wins a mac alpha delegation until the end of the season.

I hope you get a great deal of interest in this!

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Klasse Idee, denke ein besserer Summoner als der Basic würde jedem weiterhelfen der kein Geld investiert hat um einen anderen zu bekommen oder seinen aufleveln kann.

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Wow! It's an amazing offer. Thanks @theaustrianguy I love it. I usually play novice & bronze leagues (sometimes silver too, bcz my all rare summoners are at level 3). In those tourneys, i lost many matches against these legendary summoners. But i think, if i had those legend summoners, i could beat them. And i think, prince Rennyn is most useful in all of them. I have only valnamor. And it was worth $12.90 when i bought it. But now all the summoners are so expensive for me, especially the Prince.
So, it will be nice if you give me a chance to play with this amazing summoner.

my sm username is: @faiyazmahmud

Nice. I need the prince to mask my steemmonsters incompetence and thus to stand a chance at novice and bronze tournaments. ;-)

Edit: I use @doctor-cog-diss for games.

Good luck with it :)

Whohooo! Geil.

This is a really generous offer @theautriaguy you really are an asset to the Steem Monsters community here and on the Discord channel. As relatively new player of this game, it will really benefit small players like me who can't afford such precious cards. If I ever get picked I would truly appreciate having the chance to play a lvl 1 or 2 Rennyn on my @SMKayden account.

I want to have one of them at my deck even for a week

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Wow! I really would like to test this card!
Cheers :)

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I wish to test it out!

Sehr gute Aktion !

Da ich "normalerweise" auf Erde spezialisiert bin wäre der Prince Rennyn eine tolle Alternative, die ich bisher nicht nutzen kann.

Auch zum Einsatz in Turnieren.

Level 2 wäre natürlich sehr schön.

Jetzt ist natürlich die Frage, ob ich ein "Kleiner Spieler" bin - das kann man sicherlich differenziert sehen.

Aktuell bin ich in der Rangliste weit nach vorne gekommen, weil ich eine Delegation eines Max-Alpha-Sets erhalten habe (hast Du vielleicht gelesen), dieses geht am Dienstag morgen zu Saisonende aber wieder zurück und dann werde ich sicherlich dieses Niveau nicht mehr halten können.

Bisher habe ich zu den jeweiligen Saisonende immer darum gekämpft in Diamond III zu kommen, es manchmal geschafft und manchmal aus Gold I nicht herausgekommen.

Das ich jetzt mit diesem Max-Alpha-Set so weit nach vorne gekommen bin ist schön, aber es ist nicht zu erwarten, dass ich dies noch einmal schaffen kann wenn die delegierten Karten wieder weg sind.

Hi Martin,
I'm playing Steemmonsters for a while now, but I didn't get enough summoner cards to level up one of them. So I still fighting with all cards on level 1.
With your delegation it would be possible to use some of my leveled up cards in the next fight.

It's a nice idea.
Viele Grüße aus Deutschland 😉

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Solltest jetzt mit einem Rennyn spielen können :) LG