Great tutorial! :)

A crazy rulesets where each and every "Melee" attack monster that doesn't have the "Sneak" or "Reach" ability get's "Sneak"

This is not entirely true. Every "Reach" monster is now "Sneak" monster ;-)

This is true, thank you. Weird, cause "Sneak" still remains "Sneak" in "Target Practice" for "Goblin Sorcerer".

THIS WAS EPIC. Best Smonsters breakdown I've ever seen!

Thank you Kevin :)

NICE! Love it! These are awesome!
clove71monsters (809px, 23.976fps).gif

Great series. Nice job!

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nice one, there is something more with putting a skeleton assassin first in an "up, close and personal". When killed, Lord of Darkness comes to front with immediate attack, the chance of him stunning the Lord on the other side is bigger but i must agree, it is one of these "luck" games and i generally don't like playing this ..

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