Things you probably didn't know about SteemMonsters 🧐

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Great post. I wasn't aware of most of those things so thanks. Perhaps the information might help me win a few more matches !!

See you on the battlefield !

You missed a (somehow) cool one.
If you place AoL in the backline, without a ranged or magic monster before it, will be treated as the first monster attacked from enemy snipe. That's somehow not intuitive given that it doesn't have either range or magic dmg.

This is particularly relevant in the "Target Practice" series, where you can abuse double sneak strategy (usually with White) and have to remember to not place AoL as first "ranged" monster.

An example of a great comp for target practice:
Lord Aranthius or Silvershield Paladin front
Divine healer

Divine Healer will be the first taking the dmg from enemy snipe, and with 7 health will sustain a lot, while the double sneak do the work. AoL will revive him as well, meanwhile the tank on the frontline has a double heal backup.


The epic summoners are named after @aggroed's daughters
I am not a 100% sure which of the epic 2-Mana-summoners are named after his daughters, but I am quite sure it was "Talia Firestorm" and "Kiara Lightbringer". Maybe @aggroed can bring some light into the dark here :)

The legendary summoners are named after investors

Who named the one with chan on their name?


This user has already been infected! Sneezing at them again does not have any effect.

King Of Disease

Appreciate the post! I have been meaning to start playing, but just started reading more about it.

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When me and my opponent have the same monster, his monster always attacks first. Why is that so ?
And even stun and retaliate ability doesn't work at times.

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@mzsocialssmit.. might be useful for you 😊

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Well thanks for the info :)
Great writing!

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I was going to write a SteemMonsters tutorial but after reading this, I'm not worthy 😀 Fantastic post. Answered a lot of questions I've had about the game! Definitely resteeming this! Thanks for posting!

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Thanks for this article Taug! This was super interesting. I am always on the hunt for more Lightning Dragon gold alphas to add to my collection... for the right price of course ;). Only 12 more to go!

Very cool, I didn't know all the facts.

Hi @theausrianguy, wollte noch mal danke sagen für Karten!!
Hab jetzt mal ein paar Runden gespielt und finde es echt cool!

Lieben Gruß

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Excellent post and nice list, I think I knew about most of these, except the exact numbers in regards to speed, dodge and flying. So, my question is how do you add all of the probablities. For a 7 speed coca vs a 4 speed other creature, does it have a 10 + 10 + 10 + 25 + 25 chance of being missed, totalling 80%?

The other thing I keep wondering about is, is if it matters in terms of which team attacks first depending on who has submitted their team first in case the monsters in the teams are exactly the same.

Sehr interessante Infos, da war einiges dabei, was ich noch nicht wusste!
Danke :)

great write ups lately, its gonna take some time to absorb all of it but some great information to get my game up. keep up the good work

Wow, this was interesting reading! That speed info of the different attacks really comes in handy. Thanks a lot for all these pearls!

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Kiara is the older of the two. Both are inspired by actual pictures from when they were younger. Talia is from a day at the Ren faire when she was body painted as a dragon and ran around with her arms behind her flying about.

Does anyone know if there is like a community around blogging about steem monsters? I'd love to help out and get this game as popular as possible. I'm just kinda new to steem monsters, but love the blockchain game scene in general.