Steem Monsters: 2000 DEC End Of Month Give Away #59(NO UP-VOTE RE-STEEM or-FOLLOW REQUIRED)

in #steemmonsterslast year

Here we go again, our second end of the month DEC give away. Last month we gave away 1000 DEC plus a special prize to all who commented of 50 DEC. This month will work a little different, please read below for details.

To win the 2000 DEC

  • comment how many times you have won DEC from my channel (0 is fine if you have not won yet).
    That's all folks.

To receive your participation DEC

*Everyone who re-steems and up-vote will receive some FREE DEC (this is not required to win the 2000 DEC)

  • Just doing one will still get you some Free DEC but both will double your free DEC

Winner and payouts will be done in 5 days. See you then my friends.


Yesterday's winner was @monsterstamer, congrats. 100 DEC flying you way as we speak buddy. Go give him a follow and some love.


o times but I think the fine print says family members are not eligible.
I upvoted and re-steemd thou

lol, fine print. I don't think I have fine print but if I did it definitely say that. mabye you will get some bonuse dec cfor your upvote and resteem

I never won 😂 the first time

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I've won 1 time =D

lets hope you win this 2000, either ways You will receive some DEC so thanks for your support.


Thank you threejay! You've just received an upvote of 74% by thejollyroger!

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I've won 0 times ☹

well there is a fist for everything, good luck and I gave you a follow

If I'm not wrong 1

I had no win case.
0 time.

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good luck and I gave you a follow

I think I’ve won two or three times! It’s a great giveaway and I’m always here lol 😛 I gotta hodl that dec for the guildsssss

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indeed, Ive already dropped 10000 DEC on a guild, I hope its worth it

0 Just discovered your blog . Resteemed. Upvoted

welcome and I'm happy you did. good luck

First timer here, so never won :)

Good luck, lots of muti time winners and ive only been doing it a couple months

I won too already, I am ver thankful

Thank you threejay! You've just received an upvote of 66% by tommyknockers!

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I can't remember. Sorry! 💙

must be 4 or 5 I think

Zero, but I hope to win some!

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I hope you do too, I thin 5 time winner is the highest amount but many people have won multiple times

0 I have not won anything.

are you sure I think you have one under your belt

Hi, @threejay!

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Oh, so big giveaways are like a end of month tradition?

By your "channel," do you mean these giveaways? If so, then I've won once.

Upvoted and resteemed.

yes from this channel, thanks for your support and have a great day

love you user pic, good luck

Haha thanks ^^ it's pretty funny when you win a match and all they see is Skeletor's might cheering up

I won 2 times, and I'm upvoting this post 100%! Thanks a lot

thank you for all your support, good luck buddy

I think I haven't won yet

I won 1 time

I believe I won once.

0 times so far, but I hope that changes. Upvoted and resteemed.

me too best of luck

thank you and best of luck, I gave you a follow also

good luck, gave you a follow, thanks again

0 but there is always a first time! Thanks!

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welcome and thanks for partaking. Have a great day

0 so far (first time participant)

upvoted and resteemed btw

thank you very much, starting tomorrow i restart a daily DEC give away, also gave you a follow

Here I am for the giveaway

I won once in your giveaway!

good to see you, and good luck

Once time but if i win one more time be happy 😄

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yeah I hope you win, good luck

lets try to make that two times, have a great day and good luck

i think ive won 1 time. thanks for all theses giveaways. ill upvote and resteem.

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