Steem Monsters: 3000 DEC Give Away #111(No upvote re-steem or follow required)

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Here we go with another end of month thank you to all who support my channel. I will be sending oout 3000 DEC to one luck person in 3 days.

Today's Give Away

*comment any thoughts or questions you might have about the games full launch out of beta and the end of beta packs. I will forward these questions to SM and get back to you.(I want to know if the amount of cards to upgrade each card will double)

Bonus Give Away

  • up-vote and re-steem this post for a nice bonus prize (make sure you leave a comment letting me know you upvoted and re-steeemed)


Yesterdays winner was @sumatranate, congrats. 100 DEC flying your way

See ya in a couple days!


I would like to know if rewards cards will retain the beta style art work when the untamed cards come with their new style? Not sure if it's been asked in the Discord server or anywhere else.

I would also like to know how many cards will be needed to upgrade the new ones

Yeah that is what I want to know

what I really want to know is what day will the android app launch, as a lot of my friends who don't have a computer will start playing

since some cards stop printing so, do their prizes will increase..

the value of some of those cards have increased already but they started to print new cards as reward cards. the normal cards will be reprinted but in a main game launch form and Beta cards should take less then the new cards to upgrade

How much will the end of beta cards affect the game economy? And I would also like to know if new people will have access to these cards in any way or just buying from other players.

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I was wondering if, after the betas stop selling, they will get any bonus on catching DECs, as happens with the Alpha version. The beta could give 5%.

Ok this time I upvoted 100% and re-steem. Thanks, and congratulations for this and so many other wonderful giveaways.

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up voted. I'm new just started about a week ago. so far i'm liking the game.

good luck and take your time building your deck.

Will the new cards be different or will they be the same alpha and beta, with a drawing in another size dimension?

the will be the same with new rewards cards that have already started

The will be the same
With new rewards cards that have
Already started

                 - threejay

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I want to know if there is a possibility that some cards may lose their value due to more powerful new ones

for the most part the cards are going to be the same but it could happen if some one finds a srtong deck and every one copies it making some cards useless

When the beta cards came out in the rewards came those cards, if a new pack came out will do the same? What about the value of the current cards?

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they reprint I believe but they will be main game versions and not beta, the value will stay the same or increase I believe, maybe some art upgrade to the new cards

is SM gonna make it so i can win every match LOLZ
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I think you could if you want to buy all of the strongest cards but buying BTC and HODLing would be better financially

I just want to see all of the cards, and learn the new liabilities, and how things start to impact lineups.

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got to keep players on their toes and the game fresh.thanks for your love hommie

My question is about the new untamed versions. Will we get +5% dec for using each of them or they will behave like beta cards?

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great question I will ask for sure and let you know

Thank u jay 😁

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Well, I expect the price of playable cards, which are no longer available in packs, to go through the roof from some point onward. It might require patience. But after that, only a few players will be able to afford some of those. Commons will become legendary ;)

when's the mobile app coming? upvoted and resteemed ;)

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Will there be some kind of mechanism to make it easier to onboard players so they don't have to remember a really long wallet password. Right now I feel that is one thing holding Steemmonsters back from mainstream adoption is having to remember a long password.

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Wondering if untammed foils will give 10% extra dec or they will have a different %?

Will the untamed cards be versions of the current cards? or will they be new characters created from scratch?

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for you

cheers my friend

The game should have graphical options to disable effects/animations, allowing the game to work well even on old devices.

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agreed that would be nice

Will the game ever bring in other card types? I upvoted and resteemed as well.

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Will the booster pack and starter deck prices change?

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Upvoted resteemed my question: new cards Will respect economy actual balance or Will be many clones of the high cost cards so depreciation? Thanks

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I want to see the 3D version of the monsters will this ever be possible?

Wow, it's the end of the month already.

And the one million DEC question (for me at least... yes, I know, this concerns a very small minority of players):

I wonder whether they'll address the website's accessibility issues once the game goes out of beta...

PS: upvoted and resteemed.

that is a good question I will ask, thank for your support

no date announced but by the end of the year

Interesting how long continued the longest strike in history of the game? 🤔 Upvoted

Think I shoulda take things a wee bit more serious and got into the game a lot earlier. Looking forward to the new cards!

I've only started playing this past week so I can't really say much -other than pleasantly surprised and impressed. The game has shown me that there is much more to the Steem blockchain than just v/blogs and bot-posts and bot-bids.

+voting and resteemed for sure!

Enjoy, and thank you for your support. Have a great day, dont drink too much coffee lol

I wonder how fast beta cards are going to increase its value, since it took some time for alphas to do it.

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How many brand new abilities will we see in the upcoming deck?

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No questions whatsoever... for now, only concentrating on upgrading my deck!

right on, good luck

Can you use any cards in all level?

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