Steem Monsters Daily 100 DEC Give Away #84 (NO UP-VOTE RE-STEEM FOLLOW REQUIRED)

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Today we do things different, Yesterdays big winner of 400 DEC was the very active and awesome @aiyumi, congratulations my friend. If you haven't go give her a follow and a lot of love. She is friendly and interesting. 400 DEC flying your way.

Today's Give Away

Comment If you earn less after the hardfork from steemit post. (37% less and I'm not happy)


That is it for today, see you!


Wow, 400 DEC! This is awesome! Thank you so much! :)

I'm still not sure about the post rewards, but I noticed I've been getting more from curation. Posts that I had upvoted at the beginning of last week are giving me 0.005 to 0.007 SP (it used to be 0.001 to 0.003 before).

I stopped writing a long time ago because time and effort to $ ratio was stupid, this seems like they made it worse

I am not happy also. They should avoid downvoting pools because it is bad pratice. Instead they should count time spend on reading posts.

I so agree, downvoting is ok if it marks disagereement, but here is also costs to the poster ( less revenue) and to all the voters who actually liked the post

since I upvote more often than I post, I guess I'm gonna earn more?

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not much difference

Thank you threejay! You've just received an upvote of 55% by thejollyroger!

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I'm afraid to post anything, I think I'll wait till things settle down

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Still haven't checked properly, but it's very likely...

actually probably more! So maybe excited . It's not like I earned anything to begin with though.

yes and I still received 1 dislike

I haven't really analyse. Not sure if HF21 affects post made before it existence. I think it only posts made after it was implemented and moving forward?

yes, but now we earn more by curating, so it's not the same

is the 15-30 window to curate still the same?

I heard it's now 5 mins

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Not quite noticed yet, but surely the rewards of our posts have diminished

Obviously i am earning much less now. Also, I mistakenly took a vote from steemmonsters for an exchange of 2500 dec. A tragic n foolish loss

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That's so unfortunate ;(

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Less from posts, but I curate a lot so that should earn me more

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definitely less and am already losing the motivation to keep posting

yeah same here, im losing money now one every give away

Hi @threejay

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I will continue with random upvotes in the future & wish you lots of luck. :)


Of course it will be less except for a few elite ;) Told it since I heard the HF21 content...
Try to use your SP to upvote big posts, with the 50/50 you might do better than before.

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Despite earning less from our posts now, the people commenting on THIS post will curate double the rewards then they would have prior the hard fork.

Of course it is less! Not only the 50-50 but since I am below 20 Steem earning, I get only about 60% of the upvotes value.
Losing 4-6 Steem/day with that brilliant HF21.

The curation rewards are higher, but just by 1 steem or so.

Yes, my payouts dropped considerably.

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