Steem Monsters Giveaway #10 (Boosterpack + Gold Card)

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First off,

I just want to say congratulation to our previous winner... @che-shyr! Previous winners are always welcome back to join us.

For today's event,

I will be picking two winners.

First winner will get a booster pack.

Second winner will get a Gold SILVERSHIELD KNIGHT Card

To participate in this giveaway, I will need

  1. Your steem account name (or the name you use to play the game).
  2. Your comment as to why you should win
  3. Your upvote and resteem (look, I don't have a lot of active followers and lack exposure. Help a brotha out!

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate as long as they fulfilled my requirements.

How do I win?

Your name will be added to my sorting hat and then I (or a software) will randomly select a winner.

When will I get my cards?

After 7-8 days of this post, I will give out the prizes. Remember, I will not be responsible if you give me the wrong steem name.


I created this giveaway because I wanted to encourage more interactions within my blogs. Now, I am doing this because it's a great way to give back to the community.

New players?

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Reasons why I should win....

  1. .....N/A
  2. .....N/A

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Haha :)

Good luck!


I'm trying to build my account without spending extra money I only use what I can earm on SteemIt and the dApps), so free cards are always welcome ;0)

Upvoted and resteemed

I need to build my deck so my card level matches my play level
upvoted and resteemed buddy

I need cards for upgrade my deck. Please
Upvoted and resteemed! Thank you!


I want to collect the Gold Foil cards for the participating in the Gold Foil Tournaments

I have 500+ - hope it may help a little when I re-steem you post)



  1. my account is @dragonblades.
  2. i am a new steemian and new player to steemmonsters.
    i believe that any kind of help is good to new peoples.
  3. Upvoted and resteem your post.

wish me luck :D

As a new player i need this booster pack for better playing and enjoying this game more and more. Hope i will be the winner and i'm waiting for your booster pack. Thanks in advance ☺
Upvoted and resteemed!

Why shouldn't I win is the real question! @zenence

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I would like to win this contest because I am trying to get some summoners to get them to level two, but I would also be happy with second place as it is a great card.

Upovted and resteemed

You are the first winner! You will get a booster pack shortly. Let me know if you had received it.

Wow, thank you very much! Yes, I just checked and received it. When I opened it, I got a Gold Goblin Shaman. Thanks again @tntdabomb!

I think lucky will be at my side that's why I think I should win
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1- @julisavio
2- I need this because i am the most brazilian player that play and love this game steemmonsters. I will upgrade my cards.
3- done


I’m a good follower who loves free things. What more can I say!

Maybe you'll win again! Good luck!

I'm still dreaming to reach Silver Legue

Hi bro!

  1. @cryptofiloz
  2. I am trying to reach higher leagues so I need cards for upgrade my deck.. :)
  3. Upvoted and resteemed!
  1. @mctopherson
  2. I've never won a booster pack and would love to!
  3. Done

I'm starting with SM and I don't have good cards like this ones, than I'm losing many battles. If you give me I will remember you and what you did to help me win some battles.
I hope you can help me.

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You are the 2nd winner! The gold card is yours. I will be sending it to you shortly. Let me know when you received it.


1- @denizcanguler

2- I am a new player, a little bit motivation could be fine :)
3- Upvoted and resteemed.

I don't know why, but I want it😁

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My account name is @cryptofrancois .
For my 2nd season, I reached the Silver I league, next season I MUST hit Gold league !!!
And these cards will help me to reach this :-) !
Thanks for the giveaways !

How you will select the winner? That isn't clear.

I put the names into a hat and then randomly pick one out. If i'm too lazy or if there are too many participants, I will use a "randomizer" software.

Ok, I'm. I want new cards because I can't invest more money to pay for it, and I need to be more competitive

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My steemmonsters name Is @elpenyar. Every help Is great to build deck

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