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RE: SteemMonsters speedrun - from 0 to top30 with 30 STEEM in the pocket + rental market observations

in #steemmonsters2 years ago

Good strategy I would consinder to replicate if I only had a day with 96 hours lol - You are a Monsterplayer @jacekw - I have to admit I sometimes did doubt you are human. Keep on Battling!


I thought he was a bot too in the beginning, LOL! I said this bot is too damn good LOL!!

I have the impression that some people still think that I am a bot. Even when I talk to them and say that I am a human, they do not believe me. And this is sad and as a bot I also have feelings LOL :D

Exactly - was not only the performance but the sheer amount of fights he is able to manage :-)

I am definitely a huma.... 101010101010101 FATAL ERROR

Oooops, I need to fix this stupid bot.

hahaha!! I do not think that anymore as bots do not talk in Discord haha! Or even here for that matter- I would just take it as a compliment you are just too good! :-)