An unfortunate day of a Steemmonster veteran

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I am a bit unhappy about the current state of the game "Steemmonsters".
At the last tournaments I had two bad experiences:

  • I was in the semi final against @bji1203, which was a Bo4!
    We already played 6 games and therefore the 7th was a deciding game.
    At the same time another tournament started, my opponent in the 1st round was no less than @glory7. A player I appreciate and respect very much.
    So I had to play 2 games at the same time. But the 7th game against @bji1203 didn't happen because the website was idle. I reloaded the page several times, but it was like a space loop. In the end I got "wombykus fled the battlefield" as the final result. That was a very bad experience for me, especially since I like the game.


  • I mentioned in the 1st section that I played against @glory7 in the other tournament. In the first round! Normally that wouldn't be a problem, because that's how the draw was, but I don't like the fact that there is no ranking or ELO allocation for the respective players.
    Because the top 10/20 players should not play against each other in the 1st round, but much later.

I hope these problems will be solved in the future. Since I know that @yabapmatt is trying to solve the ELO/ranking problem, I still see a very positive future for @steemmonsters.

An unfortunate day of a Steemmonster veteran.

How have your experiences been so far in the game?


It seems that when two tourney go at the same time the system may occur technical errors.

And for meeting you at round 1.. yeah I agree that there should be alternative ways to make brackets or seed players based on ELO.

But one potential concern is that it may result in "same guys winning over and over" more. Not sure how other players would feel about this.

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Your concern is very valid, as @theaustrianguy agrees with you and I guess many other players as well. However, I will continue to argue my case. Because as in Starcraft (Broodwar) and Starcraft 2, which are based on ELO, the best should play against each other. That was one of the reasons why Broodwar was so successful in Korea. It was an absolute SKILLED game that was incredibly hard to master.

I don‘t agree any more :)

EDIT: Changed my mind after thinking in depth about it - IN FAVOR of an ELO-based system now. This also makes League Games more attractive, which is great too!

Old comment:Even though I would profit when playing with @tufkat, I am completely against an ELO based matchmaking for the reasons @glory7 mentioned in his comment!

Thx Martin for your honest opinion. I don't agree with it, because I want a game where the best will win, not the luckier one.

I thougt a littl more about it and changed my mind. SteemMonsters is (when both players have the cards) a Skill Game and therefore I agree with your suggestion for the same reasons you brought up.