Diamond Level Tournaments - 300 STEEM the total prizepool!

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Hello Steemmonsterers,

I will host 3 tournaments, all Diamond Level, for the next couple of days. The prizes were kindly sponsored by @steemmonsters.

Good luck everybody!

The Tournaments:

February 10, 2019 bei 7:00 PM CET

February 14, 2019 bei 8:15 PM CET

February 17, 2019 bei 7:00 PM CET

To join the tournaments, you will need to register via the above link on challonge.com.
Please read the rules in the challonge description and remember to Check-in 15 minutes before the start of the tournament!


1st - 50 STEEM
2nd - 25 STEEM
3rd - 15 STEEM
4th - 10 STEEM

The distribution of prizes could change from tournament to tournament.

steemmonster logo.jpg

Here is the steemmonsters official website!>

Where you can buy a Starter Pack or Booster Packs for instant fun!


Sounds like fun!

If I keep playing the way I have been I should be diamond league material soon enough.

Esp cause I keep buying cards too. I had to buy summoners to be able to get them to level 3.

Awesome. Any Bronze level competitions? I think they are more accessible to all and more competitive.

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