European 3 x 100 STEEM Tournaments

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Hello Steemmonsterers,

I will host 3 tournaments for the European region for the next couple of days. However, of course everyone can participate . The prizes were kindly sponsored by @steemmonsters.
Thank you @aggroed!

Good luck everybody!

The Tournaments:

January 23, 2019 bei 7:00 PM CET

January 24, 2019 bei 7:00 PM CET

January 27, 2019 bei 6:30 PM CET


1st - 50 STEEM
2nd - 30 STEEM
3rd - 15 STEEM
4th - 5 STEEM

Please read the rules in the description and remember to Check-in 15 minutes before the start of the tournament!

steemmonster logo.jpg

Here is the steemmonsters official website!>

Where you can buy a Starter Pack or Booster Packs for instant fun!


sounds great! I signed up - even though it is very likely that I won't be able to participate, given that it's 3am my local time.

great to hear, hope you can still make it. for us europeans it is hard to play at the current state in the league format, because the Season will finish at 3 am CET. most of us are not even trying to stay awake that late. and many tournaments were played around 3-5 am CET, so i didn't bother to join them most of the time.

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