Won the 500 Steem Tournament by @goldmatters

in #steemmonsters2 years ago

I know I'm not a very active blogger, but here's a little update about Steemmonsters.

Today I won the "500 Steem tournament" hosted by @goldmatters. This is my second biggest victory since the Berniesanders tournament of the New Year, where I won 300 Steem. It was a lot of fun and the best of the best were batteling each other till the end. I made a screenshot of the top 9. Thanks to @goldmatters for hosting the tournament and the nice 100$ gift card!

100 Steem.jpg

Here is the steemmonsters official website!

Where you can buy a Starter Pack or Booster Packs for instant fun!


That is a decent prize and congratulations. This is very generous of @goldmatters.

Thank you. Yes, it is.

Congratulations! Resteemed!

Thank you again! I guess my gf will be happy about the gift ;)

Awesome! Mene Unboxings make great steemit posts :). Plus she can open her own account and create a wishlist!

Thank you!