#Part 5 talk about new season splinterlands.

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Today is the first day of the new season.Today, I shared with you the details of what steemmoster has done.


Today I bought two untamed packs at a cost of 4000 dec.Shared a screenshot here that has three untamrd packs written but bought one before and now bought two untamed packs.Now steemmoster is running an offer and according to the offer I bought two untamed packs at 4000dec and got some parts back as steam power.20200216_201105.jpg0.813 + 0.813 = 1626 As a steem power I got back into my account.
If you buy untamed packs, you will participate airdrop .
First untamed packs
The first untamed packs I received the five card. screenshot share.The first untamed packs did not gain the loos.0.30 doller price card The first untamed packs I received.

2nd untamed packs.
The 2nd untamed packs i received the five card. Screenshort share.2nd untamed packs i gain 1.85$ doller valu card. Not bad.

In all, I got 10 new cards steemmoster games.
1.Orcser geant,2.Ice pixie,3.Elven mystic,4.Goblin fire boller ,5.Biceratops,6.kobold bruiser,7.Gold card biceratops,8.Coral warlth,9.Khmir princess ,10.luminous eagle.

20200216_195123.jpgAbout 13 more days left before the league ends.In the meantime I've claimed a loot chests.I am win 3 battle with out nuture moster and.Currently my position is Silver 2.In this league I will try to go up to diamond 3.

Steemmoster offer link

If you have not played this game yet, please make an account splinterlands of my referral link here https://steemmonsters.com?ref=rbriyad2

All the images used here in this post are taken from[https://splinterlands.io/] for this post purpose only
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