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Hello. Some of the steemnova players don't have discord or don't read the discord channel so I want to open discussion about spy probes.


The problem started by me because I've used spy probes for farming (one day because the @marsell said that is a bug and I'm the noob ;) ).

The first proposal did by @mwfiae was to remove cargo cap. during the attack.

And after that I started to transport resources per s. probes but it looks that it is also a bug - so here is short term and long term proposal:

  1. Short term:
    To change power consumption and cargo capacity to 0. It will be impossible to transport resources or to farm the planets

2a) Long term:
In that case spying costs nothing. Of course cost is very low (also for beginners). So the problem has low value. But it is possible to add "launch cost". Which costs deu but cargo capacity is not needed.

2b) Long term:
If it doesn't use deu. Maybe spy probe should always be disposable. You send the spy but it always will be destroyed on the planet.



In my opinion fix proposed by @mwfiae is the best solution. Unable to raid. But able to transport. For me it is complety fair to pay 2M crystal for 5k capacity storage. They also consume more deuterium compared to cargo vessels.

I agree. I like the transport function in the spy probes. Very expensive and very fast means of transportation.

I like the idea

In my opinion the espionage probes should take no deuter cost and have 0 capacity, as You proposed. This way they are only tool for spying as intended.

What about making the speed of the probe half of a normal fleet
example. takes 1 hour to a fleet, then 30m for the probe
the difference would be, the option to send the probe

  • spy
  • transport

since it takes more to travel now, in the spy mode. it would travel undetected till it is near ( 1 minute or something ) from the target, so the defender would get the warning 1 minute before it reach.

then you could put a storage of 300 or something? i say 300 because that seems the amount of debris it creates with it explodes, maybe 150 could be more fair since it could easily be made and could replace cargos since they are still half fast.

Or this could lead to an abuse to collect farm other planets, so maybe the option to collect should be disabled?, or the cargo more lower like to 50? or 30?

I am new to the game i just wanted to expose this idea and see what the experienced players think since i am really clueless (did not even knew they had storage capacity)

I vote no on probe's cargo. Did not even realize this was a great tool before reading this post. Darn my stupidity.

There is a common use of spy probes now, to get started a debris field in order to send the recyclers in advance of the attacking fleet, since the recyclers are much slower.

Will this function be removed with the solution that prevents the spy probes from raiding?

No, it will be still possible:

This is only for calculating the stolen ressources (after an attack or while simulating a battle).
@mwfiae on discord channel

Exactly, the spy probes work just like before, the only thing that changed is the capacity while calculating the stolen ressources.

The probes can do all the stuff they could do before and are participating in the battle in the same way as before (as easy targets^^ ).

It would even be possible to attack with the probes and win like before.
But you wouldn't get any ressources, making this a high-risk-no-gain operation^^

Pool option: mwfiae solution
If you want to keep transport and change only the cargo cap for stolen resources, vote here.

** Use the lowest possible voting power **

Pool option: Cargo cap 0

If you want to change cargo cap. to 0, vote here.

** Use the lowest possible voting power **

Hello, Is this option for no transport / no cargo ?
i was not aware they had this function :D
still i think spy sprobes should be just spy probes
if you want cargos.. you have cargos :D

Yes. This one is for that :)

Spying probes only for espionage!

I think spy probes should be just for spying and they should be disposable. It makes sense that the defense systems demolish them easily

Hey darthgexe,

if a players has defense systems the probes are already demolished with ease.
Only if a player has absolutly 0 defense it is possible to successfully raid him/her with probes only.


It makes sense that the defense systems demolish them easily

was thinking that too, but in the description says the spy probes provides data from fleets and planets over long distances... and that could make sense... because it can take you an hour or more to reach a destiny but a small spy probe can reach that same distance in just a minute


mwfiae solution:

0 cargo cap:
I think that I saw more comments before. So I'm waiting to end of the day.

Final results:
7 for @mwfiae solution
5 for 0 cargo cap

Thank you for votes. All SBD will go to steemnova :-)

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