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RE: [COMMUNITY] Steemnova - spy probes

in #steemnova4 years ago

There is a common use of spy probes now, to get started a debris field in order to send the recyclers in advance of the attacking fleet, since the recyclers are much slower.

Will this function be removed with the solution that prevents the spy probes from raiding?


No, it will be still possible:

This is only for calculating the stolen ressources (after an attack or while simulating a battle).
@mwfiae on discord channel

Exactly, the spy probes work just like before, the only thing that changed is the capacity while calculating the stolen ressources.

The probes can do all the stuff they could do before and are participating in the battle in the same way as before (as easy targets^^ ).

It would even be possible to attack with the probes and win like before.
But you wouldn't get any ressources, making this a high-risk-no-gain operation^^