(Game) SteemNova - Much better than Drugwars!

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Steemnova is a galactic space game. It's fairly new as well.
Now I wasn't a big fan of this when I first found out about it. I don't really like space games too much, But o my god does it hook you in just like drug wars
But the best part about the game is that you don't spend Steem to level up your buildings to get an advantage over other players!


SteemNova is a space strategy game with hundreds
of players playing together at the same time trying to be the best.

Steemnova layout.png

This game is huge guys!
Like 10x more than drugwars. There is so much to do!
Lots of different ships and upgrades for different things and also raiding!

As you can see, You collect Metal, Crystal, and Deuterium.
You also will need the energy to produce all these items
which is increased by upgrading the Solar power Plant or the Deuterium Power Plant.
It can also be increased in more ways rather than just upgrading the actual production plants.
This also applies to the metals, crystals, and Deuterium

There is so much to explain!
The picture above is just a glimpse of all the stuff they have.

I have to say the best part of this game is the ALLIANCE
With an alliance, you can help each other out! This game actually brings teamwork to the plate!

Check this out....
Say your a new player and you don't have much.
Well, no need to worry!
Players can send you goods like metals, crystals, ships etc
to help you progress so much faster!

It's really simple to do. Just enter the person's planet coordinates,
then send a few ships their way.
Sending good.png
And all the resources will be theirs. No limit to this.

I mean you can go from a noob, to a galaxy conqueror is a matter of hours
with the help of friends or Alliances. Not literally, But it's so much easier

And with EARN (Alliance) we can make that happen for you!
Our alliance is very strong with a whopping 92% win rate!

Why not want to be in one of the only Alliances that will actually achieve
steem payouts in weeks to come?

Spots are limited so act fast!

Discord Link to the EARN community

Comment below If you plan on joining or join the discord and let us know!

In conclusion, this game is really fun, and that's coming from the heart.
No referral link, just straight facts into getting your interest to play SteemNova!

I highly suggest you check this game out.


I am a member of Sovereign team.
It is nice to see a post on steem Nova.
Hope to find your team in galaxies.

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Steemnova is such a fun game that deserves recognition.
Gonna try to promote it as much as I can.
Best of luck to you in game!

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