What about making the speed of the probe half of a normal fleet
example. takes 1 hour to a fleet, then 30m for the probe
the difference would be, the option to send the probe

  • spy
  • transport

since it takes more to travel now, in the spy mode. it would travel undetected till it is near ( 1 minute or something ) from the target, so the defender would get the warning 1 minute before it reach.

then you could put a storage of 300 or something? i say 300 because that seems the amount of debris it creates with it explodes, maybe 150 could be more fair since it could easily be made and could replace cargos since they are still half fast.

Or this could lead to an abuse to collect farm other planets, so maybe the option to collect should be disabled?, or the cargo more lower like to 50? or 30?

I am new to the game i just wanted to expose this idea and see what the experienced players think since i am really clueless (did not even knew they had storage capacity)