Our SPS Proposal is close to being funded | We need your support to make it happen!

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Hello Steemians! A few weeks ago we launched our SPS Proposal to develop some support tools and provide to the community the much needed visual material to use when inviting and onboarding potential new users.

Check that post here if you want, but we'll include a TL;DR right below this link.

Basically, we are asking for the equivalent of $100 SBD daily. This means we will have around 3,000 SBD to work every month. We are asking for this on a period of 5 months - although it's already been one month and since we launched the proposal, so now we only have 4 months left - to develop the website https://steemonboarding.com and include 150+ more short videos explaining and going deep into some of the most important topics if the Steem Ecosystem.

This budget will be used to pay the following expenses:
  • Video creators
  • Translations
  • Script writers
  • Web developer and research developer
  • Video editor
In return, we will provide the following:
  • A more professional looking website.
  • Weekly update with declined payouts.
  • One new video (in ten languages) per week on our website
  • A new proposal of learning gamification that includes Dapps and communities.
  • A Marketing and social media approach plan for part two of our SPS.

Our Proposal only needs around 3 MM Steem Power to get funded, so we really need your help to start getting hands down into this project, one of the few projects that focuses on the social part of the development of the Blockchain.

If you want to know more about this project or get convinced to approve the Proposal, please contact @anomadsoul#8455 on discord and he'll be more than glad to talk about this.

To vote for the proposal with SteemConnect, click here, we will definitely appreciate your support no matter how big or small it is!


How about a proposal to get steem listed on more exchanges? I wish I had the pull to do it myself, but sadly I do not. But that is what will really help the price go up in the near term. A higher steem price fixes a lot of onboarding problems...

Let's talk about this, perhaps we can pull something off together regarding such idea man. I'm game if you are.

Sure thing, I would be willing to help in any capacity that I could. I just posted the idea as well:


This along with some marketing, simple stuff like banner ads on reddit and twitter would go a long way.

I accidentally sent you 23.313 STEEM a month ago. Could you refund the money to me, please? I already sent a memo to you about this but you may have missed it.

Thank you.


Great move. I will vote for the Proposal. I've been so concerned about this project being a consistent onboarder of new steemians.

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Great news, I voted a long time ago!

İ love steemit

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I like this project and support. Voted the proposal. 👍

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Very interesting information

would be awesome if you can create a tool to invite friends on your site. Like they get a mail can watch the videos and answer questeions and after they get a free account.

That would be awesome for Steem i think.

very interesting information

Voted. Wish you luck.

Yep, I already vote to support this proposal.

Thanks for the post.

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