Steemmonsters card giveaway - Silvershield Archers

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Hey gamers!!

I was so lucky this time...
I have been winning two cards in the steemonsters game for a long time, which discourages me because rewards are nothing special. Today when I won the daily quest I thought, "Two more cards that aren't nothing special".
And that's when I saw the gold card "Exploding Dwarf" valued in the market for $0.33. And also the "Javelin Thrower" card valued in the market for $0.18.
It was not so bad this time!


But anyway, It is just me that find it harder to raise the rating now?
Answer this question in the comments and enable yourself to win the "Silvershield Archers" card.

Type: Monster
Rarity: Common
Element: Life)
Name: Silvershield Archers


I will randomly choose a winner name here after 7 days of this post.

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Thank you!!


Beginning of season always harder since everybody dropping in points after previous season end. Should be easier in one week i guess :)

Humm good point! :D Thanks!

Yep, it will be for sure!

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Não és só tu não, esta época pela primeira vez não cheguei a diamond! Olha a descrição da carta, estás a chamar nomes aos arqueiros! ;)

Oh copiei do meu outro giveaway, se não és tu!🤦 Obrigada!!

Sempre às ordens ;)

I'm struggling real hard. Its not you alone.

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Yes, maybe it's this inicial time after season. Thanks!

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Believe you can and you're halfway there.

Sou-te muito sincero.. Não sei se a dificuldade em evoluir é algo recente.. Nunca passei de Bronze e o nível de dificuldade é quase sempre o mm.. Alto 😂

Persiste! A esperança é sempre a última a morrer 🤣

I've been having a really really hard time climbing the rank, already thought about buying some cards but I'll wait... It might have something to do with all the bots and with all the competitive gameplay because of tournaments...

Yes bots sucks, it has to change. I never tried tournaments, let's see if it worth 😁

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