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"Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of song."
-Pam Brown

Father's day celebration happens every third week of June, this is one of the day we should thank our Dad for being our Super Dads. Most of the fathers are providers of their family while some of them are doing the roles of our mom inside the house. Having a dad is already a blessing to any child cause when you have one there is someone who will protect and believe in you. Daddy, Dada, Papa, Tatay, Papsy, Itay or whatever you call them. Let us give them a little recognition through this contest.

The mechanics of this contest is very simple:

  1. Upvote and Reblog/Resteem this post so other steemians will have the chance to join too.
  2. Comment below why your dad is a Super Dad and tell us your most unforgettable moment you had with him.

This comment contest will end at exactly 11:59PM, June 18, 2018. Everyone can join the contest.

Here are the prices:

1st Place : 3 SBD
2nd Place : 2 SBD
3rd Place : 1 SBD

Our Founder and co-founder of S/A, one of the collaborators and our guest judge will choose the best 3 comments. The 3 winners will also be featured in Steemph-antipolo blog.


All fathers in this world - no matter who they are ,no matter what their status in life- are the best dad we ever have and proud of.

Since i was a little child i look up with my tatay, i have seen how my father be a good father to all not only to us his children but to all in need of his affection.Do i sound differently? Honestly , my father by then is just an ordinary worker but he never failed to provide us our needs as well as sharing a little to others.imagine from work going to our home ,i have seen children in the street also waiting for my father to arrived.,maybe you are just wondering too, my father always have a pasalubong to street children , waiting for him,not a single day he forgot to include them .This is how i admire him, you need not to be a rich person to share something for others,as long as you have a heart to help then you can do it .And i have seen this wonderful character possesed by my father.

Though we cannot be together now specially this coming father's day, let me whisper my greetings in heaven ,may the angels always take care of you there for me tatay, mahal na mahal kita...happy father's day to the best dad in my life superhero .....missing you ...❤❤❤j

I admire your dad for having a generous heart. I know wherever he is right now, he is so proud of you. It's not easy to accept that you lost your dad but in heaven he won't feel any pain . He's love will surely remain in your heart forever. Thanks for joining @reginecruz !

Yes @stemph.antipolo , no.more pains on heaven.thnks for giving me chance to share...more power!!!

Hours, Days, Weeks, Months and even years, we didn't meet, its a long story in our Family, but then i am always and still your only daughter and you're Still my father, without you Papa, i will not be introduce in this world. I Love wherever you are and wherever you go!


Distance and time can't change the fact that you are father and daughter. Nice photo of you and your beloved father though he's a bit busy hahah i guess. Thanks for joining @mariejoyacajes !

You are right thank you @steemph.antipolo😇😇

PAPA is not a super hero. But he has superpowers and tremendous abilities. He is a man without fear just like the DAREDEVIL. He can face all the challenges and trials because he knows that God is with him and will always be there for him and for us. He cannot see the tomorrow but he prepares us to have a better future. He may not as strong as INCREDIBLE HULK but he has the strength and durability that he uses to work hard. He is not THOR but he also uses hammer (he is a carpenter) to earn and provide our needs. He is not as fast as FLASH but slowly and surely, he will never stop inspiring and believing on us. He is not CAPTAIN AMERICA but he is a great leader that has the ability to think fast and reliable. He is not MR. FANTASTIC (leader of FANTASTIC 4) but he is a fantastic father, wonderful husband and a brilliant person.
Recently, he asked me if my kids are already enrolled. I said not yet because I still have no money for their tuition. He asked how much I need and I answered, “20,000”. He said, “I can lend you but not that much”. He gave me 7,000 pesos. I am surprised at the same thankful that the huge amount that I need to raise is reduced. He read my mind just like PROFESSOR X.
I know that Papa is like BATMAN. He does not possess any superpowers; but he uses is intellectual skills, physical strength, communication skills, sensitivity on others need, selflessly actions and strong will.
And now that I myself is also a father, I will become a SUPER DAD for my family. Papa has contributed many things that molds my personality and characteristic. For what I am now, my faith, strength and stability is credited to him. It is now my time to guide my children to become great persons and valuable citizens of this country and for them to live a meaningful life.

you just have an amazing dad. You are lucky to have him

you are absolutely right @steemph.antipolo. we are blessed to have them

I can call it we are an unsung heroes in a small community. For me being a Father same with my Wife are both doing extraordinary things with BIG responsibility. I never know a father thing until I became one. I woul like to greet my Tatay a Happy Father's Day for supporting us and never gave up. The happy moments and sacrifices you've made will never forgotten. Thank you for guiding us.

That's so true, you'll never know how it feels like until you have walk on his shoe. Happy father's day to you. Thanks for joining @jhunferrer !

Thanks for the comment. Just keep on posting! Happy Father's day to everyone.

Our dads will always be our hero. My memorable moment with my father is during the times we often stay at the hospital and he is the one taking care of me. He is not an affectionate father but everytime I am rushed to the emergency room, I can his worries. Though he keeps on nagging me, I can feel his care. He is tough but his concern his endless.

Most of our dads are not showy of how he loved his children, but action always speak louder than words. You are so blessed having a father like him. Maybe he's tough because he wants you to learn how to be a strong person no matter what happens in life you are able to survive. Thanks for joining @beyonddisability !

When my father had a mild stroke, it was then that he was most vulnerable. But even then, he still taught me a lesson. That it's okay to be weak sometimes. That's when you'll see who will be there for you. It reminded me how patient he was when he was teaching me how to walk, how to talk. It showed me the amount of patience it needed to make me eat what's right for me and to avoid those unhealthy food. It showed me how he still maintained his composure when it was difficult to make me drink my medicine. He is the best dad because even now, he shows me that even when life is tough, you have to keep on smiling. Even if you're hurting, you have to find strength to keep yourself and your family together. Let's keep on fighting, Pa. We'll get through this. :)

Your dad is amazing for having a lot of patience! Let us all cherish every moment with them and let their teachings be our guide. Smiling is the key to happy life and of course we must take good care of our health to have longer life. Thanks for joining @romeskie !

My Tatay is really a hardworking man ever since. I am one of his idol. Though he is very over protective and strick, he still manage his responsibility as a good father to us, like giving us a Pasalubong from work. or giving us extra allowance, and I remember the days, when I can't draw a grasshopper I begged him to help me to draw it, then he draws it. He can perfectly draw! and i love it, that was when I am 7 years old. :D and he loves to tell us the story like horror, or his yesterdays and I love to listen to it. He loves music, he loves to sing, he loves watching movies specially Jackie Chan, hehe.. and so do I . We watched together, we screamed together, we sung together and we laughed together. Until now he loves doing it, except watching and singing together, we seldom catching up because I had my family to be taking care of. He is now 72 years old :D Thanks God! and I love him so much.

I remember my grandpa to your tatay, having a tatay like him is such a big favor from heaven. Nice to know that he is living a long life. Happpy father's day to him. Thanks for joining @emelyn21 !

yes, hoping and praying that he will live long, though he has the illness (diabetic, arthritis, a problem to his kidney stone, his prostate, high blood) I'm praying he will be healed by our Creator. thank you @steemph.antipolo . God Bless us!

"Time may be money, but the best thing parents can spend on their children is not money, but time"


While I was reading this contest, many flashbacks came to my thinking, this is why I thanks you @steemph.antipolo for this nice contest opportunity.

My dad is a super dad because he always wanted the best for us, work all his life to give us good education and was always there for us!

There is nice moment I remember when I was in 4th grade in elementary school. Every year the school celbreates a soccer tournament, which is by grade and about 4 teams per grade.

I will never forget the day I scored with my head for the very 1st time in a tournament. It was a corner kick, and we needed to score to win. I was moving a lot trying to look for an empty space and hoping to receive the ball.

The referee blew the whistle, and I remember I was already excited when I saw the ball coming my way. It was perfect timing, I jumped and hit the ball with my head to the right direction and all I could hear right away from the rest of my teammates was: GOOOOL!!!!

I run away fast, avoiding all my friends to run on the side line of the field and he was there! Waiting for me to get to him with his hand open for me to "Give him 5" and with a huge smile.

After the game I remember he told me he was proud of me for playing well that day.

Since my dad passed away cause of a cancer when he was 54 in 2008, I decided to not pay attention to father's day anymore nor think about this day. Today is the first time I write about something honoring father's day. Contests like this one is not only for trying to win something, but also for sharing.

I wish the best to all those parents.


Your dad is very supportive dad, he believes in you! We are glad that this contest made you remeber your dad and you had a chance to share with us how your dad is such a super dad. Thanks for joining @el-cr !

thank you!

My tatay is my super hero hindi lang sakin pati na din sa mga kapatid ko. Almost 40 years siya nag trabaho bilang driver ng truck ng basura sa barangay. Hindi ko kinakahiya kung ano trabaho dati ng tatay ko dahil sa trabaho ng tatay ko napag tapos nya kuya ko sa kolehiyo sa kursong Civil Engineer, 5 years nya nagapang sa kolehiyo ang kuya ko at nakaya nya. Proud na Proud ako sa tatay ko. Ang tatay ko sya ang super hero ko noong maliit ako dahil ako ang nag iisang babae sa aming magkakapatid hindi maiiwasan na lagi ako asarin ng mga kuya ko. Lagi pinapagalitan ng tatay ko mga kuya ko kapag nakikita nya na lagi ako inaasar ng mga kapatid ko. Lagi ako my pasalubong sa kanya kapag uuwi na sya sa hapon. Walang araw na wala sya dalang pagkaen para sa akin dahil ako ang nag iisa nyang prinsesa. Ngayon senior citizen kana tatay babawi ako sayo. Kung ano mga bagay na kailangan mo binibigay ko basta kaya ko. Mahal na Mahal kita Tatay 💋💋❤❤ HAPPY HAPPY FATHERS DAY..


Nakakaproud naman ang tatay mo, kumayod siya para makapagpatapos ng anak. Nakakatuwa dahil hindi mo ikinahihiya ang trabaho ng tatay mo kaya naman sigurado ako na proud din siya sayo. Hindi naman mahalaga kung ano anv trabaho ang importante marangal ito at higit sa lahat ginagawa niya yun para sa mga mahal niya. Ang galing ni tatay. Thanks for joining @juviemaycaluma

Thank you @steemph.antipolo proud na proud ako sa tatay ko :)


Iba-iba ang Ama... May mahigpit, dahil gusto niya na lagi ka lamang niya napo-protektahan sa lahat ng bagay o tao man. May mabait, dahil gusto nya hindi ka mahihiya sa kaniya kapag may kailangan ka. May mainitin ang ulo, lalo na kapag napa-trouble ka pero di naman sya galit sayo. May iyakin, ito ung kapag medyo mabigat ung problema nya sayo na tipong may mabigat kang pinagdadaanan. Bilang Ama, gagawin nila ang lahat maiparamdam lamang nila na mahal ka nila kahit gaano ka pa kalayo. Ganito ang Tatay ko, mahigpit pero mabait, mainitin ang ulo pero iyakin pagdating din sayo... Noon, nakita ko na ang Tatay ko na sobrang lungkot niya dahil sa sama ng loob na binigay ko sa kanila noon... Labis kong pinagsisihan un habang ipinaglaban ko pa rin ang kagustuhan ko. Pero ngayon, napatawad na niya kami, sa nagawa kong kasalanan... Masaya sya ngayon kahit magkakalayo kaming lahat na magkakapatid at ganun din sila. Ngunit parang hindi rin naman kami magkakalayo dahil lagi kaming magkakausap. Saludo ako kay Tatay, bakit? Kahit nasa malayo sya yung suporta niya sa mga anak nya nandun pa rin. Yung tipong kami na lang mahihiya ngunit mahilig sya magpumilit na magbigay ng tulong... Para saken, the best ang Tatay ko! Kailanman hindi nagkamali Si Lord sa mga pinagsama-sama niyang miyembro ng Pamilya. Sobrang nasasabik ako na makita muli sila Ni Mama. Tanging hiling ko lamang palagi Kay Lord palakasin ang pa lalo ang kanilang katawan at bigyan ng mahabang buhay dahil gusto ko pag naging successful ako sa aking ginagawa masaksihan nila ito at maranasan kung paano mamuhay ng wala silang iniintindi kundi ang magsaya lamang sa kanilang buhay. Salamat Lord God! Si Tatay ang ibinigay mo sa amin! Amen.

kahinaan talaga ng mga tatay ang mga anak nila. Maswerte ka sa tatay mo. God bless him and you too

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