SteemPH goes to Barangays - Arts and Music workshop for Out of School Youth

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1 in 10 of Filipino Children between 6-24 years of age are Out-of-School Youth.

Out of school youth or children who cannot afford to go to school need motivation and guidance and we hope to give them a little bit of hope and direction by introducing them to the Arts and love of Music.

According to a survey by the Philippine Statistics Authority last June 2017, 3.8 million of Filipino Children between 6-24 years of age are Out-of-School Youth. Primary reasons for being out of school are family concerns and financial matters, while in close third is lack of interest.


SteemPH in partnership with @flabbergast-art and Tribong Alinaga will be having an Arts and Music workshop for Out-of-School Youth of a barangay in Caloocan. We will help change these children's lives by the art of expression through sketching, painting and music. We are expecting 25-30 children in the group and it will be held on Sept 23 or Sept 30. More details to follow while we finalize the logistics.

We are in need of volunteers! Please register here if you want to join us and learn about the arts or music as well. Learn from these excellent artists!

Check out the works of @flabbergast-art where he uses simple multicolor Hello Kitty ballpens to make art such as below and see his feature on NBN news here.

Check out Tribong Alinaga at Musikalye where we have a video of them playing different Filipino traditional instruments HERE.

All proceeds of this post will be used to fund food and art supplies for the children for use during the workshop. We will also be having a short talk about steemit and introduce this small community to steemit.

A resteem will be a big help to save these kids from a life in the streets and inculcate in the positive influence of Art and Music into their lives.


Where there is love there is life.

- Mahatma Gandhi

So it shall be.

Another great initiative @steemph

Wish you could be there to share your arts and crafts mommi @bearone!

- Your SteemPH Family

I wish I could be too.

Itd be great to get a list of supplies they need so we can bring that over. Well not me, but the family.

We need loads of hello kitty pens ;)

Dare mommi?? a ballpen vs. stones!!

Hahah ballpoints are cool but have nothing on crystals love. Theres so much more I can do with crystals than just art. ❤

Sana may mag organisa din ng mga katulad nito dito sa Mindanao, lalo na dito sa Iligan!

If it will be ok with @flabbergast-art to travel, which we are sure he loves to depending in his availability, then we have the artist to do it. Arrangement of groups and schools will need to be done locally. Just liase with us and we can give support.
It is very much possible in the future and you can make that happen if you intend to do something about it.
Do you have your own group in Iligan? We can support you guys.

I do not know of someone in the steemit community (from Iligan) except sir @juvyjabian. But maybe soon if my invites join then we can start to organize meetups and other activities :)

You do that. Liase with Juvy too.
Be patient and persistent...your enthusiasm will rub on them at some point. Sa umpisa banyan talaga.

Di ako artist sir pero sama. Bahala na polang kayo kung pano ko makakatulong.

Of course you are welcome to join us. As we will be funding the materials and the food for the day for all participants and volunteers, financial help will be appreciated.
Though it will be interesting to see if our volunteers will donate "hello kitty" pens as this might be the medium to use. @flabbergast-art is fond of using it for the different colours it have.

That is a good advocacy for the Youth, we also have almost hundreds of youth in our church and I'm introducing to them about steemit. As of now they're skeptical but I know when they see proof of earnings they will join...

Earning on steemit comes only second to the camaraderie of the Steemit Philippines community we are building here. Once they get to know the community, they will be hooked. Good luck on your endeavor and great work inviting newbies @joshvel!

- Your SteemPH Family

I'm in. :)

See you soon!

- Your SteemPH Family

See you soon!
- Your SteemPH Family

sana may ganitong event pa pag nakabalik ako pinas!

There will be more @steemph initiatives like this. We will be glad to see you in one of them.

- Your SteemPH Family

We hope that our collaboration with @flabbergast-art will be long-term.
Talo ka kc ballpen ba naman ang use nya. Check mo wall nya.
Tita Culate

really!? haha sumurot nakto man one time! habang gilaklakad nak papers ko manen. @immarojas


Sige, liase with steemPH. Bitbitem si @tiffanyanne
Wag mo na i-expect si @ettenin unless am there.
You can learn too.

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