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Happy Sunday guys, this is Travel Sunday again from @steemph and as the usual, we're gonna be featuring travel posts that are incredible to read and travel places that are definitely must visit.

Before anything else, just want to say something that some of you must be doubting Steemit because of how low the value it became, stay on the positive side. This is actually the best time invest if you have the spare because you will gain more steem power than before.

Alright, enough of that now, let's go.

Manila Yacht Club


Wow, this is honestly the first time I've heard about this club in Manila and it seems something worth looking into and can be a bit different when traveling to the capital if ever you're allowed to be here.

@artgirl has a nice story and experience when she went there and took some pictures of the scenery. It was wonderful especially the morning pics because you would see all the yachts there that you wouldn't imagine you're in the Philippines, also the water looks so clean.

Check it out here.

Capitol of Negros Occidental


This post is from @jezmacher about the capitol in Negros Occidental which is usually called city hall in the Philippines.

The interior looks so clean and well maintained even though in my opinion, I think this place is very busy as most capitols because this is where people can go to to get some kind of government papers like clearances and permits etc.

There's also a park and lagoon which makes this a simple, relaxing place to go specially kids can play here.

Check it out here.

Disclaimer: All pics are from the authors.

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Thanks steemph and rye05! Yeah it was a once in a lifetime experience. hahaha. Asfor the water being clean, well farther out it seems so but near the dock/port it's not super clean at all. :D

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