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Steemprentice members have received about 0.06 STEEM for each share of their previous contributions.

This STEEM is shared from curation rewards earned from voting on members posts which receive about a 10% vote from @steemprentice currently.

Liquid STEEM from this post will go to @virtualgrowth for managing this account. The STEEM POWER will simply power up this account.

Current Steem Holdings: 5,386.186 STEEM POWER

Current members of Steemprentice Crowd Guild that earn share of curation rewards: @ace108, @aksinya, @alaqrab, @allmonitors, @anasz, @anotherjoe, @argsolver, @baerdric, @ballinconscious, @barrydutton, @benjojo, @bitcoinparadise, @boddhisattva, @bola, @burnin, @charles-d, @chrisaiki, @cmp2020, @contentjunkie, @cynetyc, @d3nv3r, @darthnava, @digitalbrain, @dreamstream, @edb, @eric-boucher, @ervin-lemark, @escapeamericanow, @expatembassy, @fortinbuff, @freebornangel, @future24, @gamer00, @goldmatters, @gringalicious, @hopehuggs, @inphiknit, @instructor2121, @jessamynorchard, @jsantana, @justtryme90, @karenb54, @kenny-crane, @kennyskitchen, @knittybynature, @kurtbeil, @kus-knee, @lemouth, @lennstar, @levycore, @lily-da-vine, @lpfaust, @mammasitta, @meesterboom, @merej99, @meysam,, @mikkolyytinen, @naquoya, @nikolai, @oleg326756, @onceuponatime, @ourlifestory, @pairmike, @patelincho, @pcste, @pozitivityspace, @proglobyte, @proglobyte-m1, @remlaps, @richman, @rigaronib, @sazbird, @scaredycatguide, @shadowspub, @smailer, @smysullivan, @speda, @stealthtrader, @steemalf, @steemawards, @steembriefing, @steemint, @steemitawards, @steemitguide, @steemitrecipes, @steemseed, @surpassinggoogle, @sykochica, @tanemahuta, @taskmanager, @the-future, @thecryptofiend, @thenakedgod, @thylbom, @tibonova, @timm, @tingaling, @unhorsepower777, @virtualgrowth, @writingamigo, @yefet, @zaebars, @zentat

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Much appreciated!

Thank you @virtualgrowth I just saw that I received my share. 🙌

I just received my share, great! Thank you, @steemprentice. Your project is doing fantastic work.

Im following you @steemprentice

This post has received a 1.81 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @kurtbeil.

How to become a member of steemprentice?

Thinking of leaving current membership at about its current 100 membership level and starting a new project that people may join with some of the same ideas.

Good initiative I would like to be part of it

great post! @steempre

about Liquid STEEM from post will go to @virtualgrowth for managing account. The STEEM POWER will simply power up.