Steemprentice STEEM gift to members next week!

Thinking of offering 1/13th of the STEEM POWER to members as a big thank you!

As a big thank you for support of this idea I would like to offer next week's power down in STEEM POWER to everyone that participated over the last year in @steemprentice.

Current offer is to perform a 100% POWER DOWN for next week which has been initiated. Then share the STEEM in the account with members relative to their shares from the contributions they made about one year ago. With the value of STEEM one year ago being about $0.15 and $3.43 today that would give users about $3.43 / 13 = $0.26 in the form of STEEM POWER more than returning their initial contribution!

Also wonder if users want me to continue this account as it stands voting for members and sharing STEEM earned periodically. Thinking of also creating a new account with some of the same ideas as many had requested me to do so. So watch for this around the start of the new year! Please provide feedback as well.

Thank you for the support and congrats to some minnows that joined this group and have ground into more over the past year.


Thanks for the hard work. It's a good year end bonus.
I'll prefer it to continue. Maybe we need to evolve it to something different.

Agreed, great year end bonus!

Most welcome. Will see what ideas are mentioned.

A nice little end of year bonus. Would love to see it keep going, if you are up to the challenge :)

Always up for challenge! :)

Good to hear.

Excellent way to reward your initial investors (I am one). I'd love to see the project continue in its current form.

Thank you and sounds good.

Good job @steemprentice!

Please keep my share this round to grow the account further.

Thank you, welcome, and sure thing.

A steemprentice christmas present, nice! I'm all for the continuation of steemprentice. On the other hand, if you have too many projects to maintain I would understand if you needed to retire it.

And you will always have an open invitation to come on my show and talk about any and all of your projects.

Thank you and welcome. Let's chat in discord and make plans for your show! :)

I would love to hear you on air! You will like it so much, you might even want to have your own show, it happens. Just saying, it's contagious!

Actually working on my own show...

Wow, look at you. The first i've heard of anyone announcing this type of donation. This might become a thing.

Well it is a contribution back to those who contributed.

Helping minnows grow , thank you

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Awesome. Thank you for your support.

Thank you for your appreciation.

How you share this Steem? It's sounds interesting!

Group of about 100 member contributed to this account which votes for them and others. Then every month shares part of the proceeds from the curation rewards with the members. Thinking of starting another such group as may were interested.

Thats really nice gift. I love your offer dear.

How does steemptentice work?

This is an excellent idea... And at such this account needs to continue. Thanks mate

I would rather want @steemprentice to continue. :p

Yes I'd like for it to continue and wow thanks for the bonus :)

Appreciate that !! A good thing from you :)

how? this works?

Very cool. I need to learn more about these sorts of thing. For myself, and to share with ImprovCoin's group to keep the door of opportunity open for Improvisers new to Steemit.

great my friend.. I am new :( and I am not a member of your community...

All the work you done here is awesome.
Upvoted you for your best post.
Do check me @zahidzzs
Follow and upvote back if you like my work too.


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