Steemprentice Update - To Keep Sharing Curation Rewards - Other Ideas?

Will be sharing curation rewards later this month after a little power down.

Just a little message as thank you to the contributors of @steemprentice that are voted on and sometimes receive contributions from author curation rewards of members too.

Wondering if people have others ideas. Also thinking to start another group like this one for new members and anyone who want to be part of both. Next model will be made to be able to grow more with multiple accounts and other things as ideas are thought through. Thank you to all that have participated and supported @steemprentice through its phases of helpers member of our steem(it) community in numerous ways.

Big thank you to supports!

@ace108, @aksinya, @alaqrab, @allmonitors, @anasz, @anotherjoe, @argsolver, @baerdric, @ballinconscious, @barrydutton, @benjojo, @bitcoinparadise, @boddhisattva, @bola, @burnin, @charles-d, @chrisaiki, @cmp2020, @contentjunkie, @cynetyc, @d3nv3r, @darthnava, @digitalbrain, @dreamstream, @edb, @eric-boucher, @ervin-lemark, @escapeamericanow, @expatembassy, @fortinbuff, @freebornangel, @future24, @gamer00, @goldmatters, @gringalicious, @hopehuggs, @inphiknit, @instructor2121, @jessamynorchard, @jsantana, @justtryme90, @karenb54, @kenny-crane, @kennyskitchen, @knittybynature, @kurtbeil, @kus-knee, @lemouth, @lennstar, @levycore, @lily-da-vine, @lpfaust, @mammasitta, @meesterboom, @merej99, @meysam,, @mikkolyytinen, @naquoya, @nikolai, @oleg326756, @onceuponatime, @ourlifestory, @pairmike, @patelincho, @pcste, @pozitivityspace, @proglobyte, @proglobyte-m1, @remlaps, @richman, @rigaronib, @sazbird, @scaredycatguide, @shadowspub, @smailer, @smysullivan, @speda, @stealthtrader, @steemalf, @steemawards, @steembriefing, @steemint, @steemitawards, @steemitguide, @steemitrecipes, @steemseed, @surpassinggoogle, @sykochica, @tanemahuta, @taskmanager, @the-future, @thecryptofiend, @thenakedgod, @thylbom, @tibonova, @timm, @tingaling, @unhorsepower777, @virtualgrowth, @writingamigo, @yefet, @zaebars, @zentat



A real run down on the names. Nice one therr

A good post mr...

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