Thank you to whomever delegated STEEM POWER to @steemprentice!

Just want to take a moment to thank whomever delegated some STEM POWER to @steemprentice.

Anyone may delegate STEEM POWER to the @steemprentice account if they choose to which will add to the voting power and rewards for all members.

Thank you to the STEEM(it) community for this opportunity and many others over the past two years! May think of incorporating part of the evolved idea of @steemprentice on the global scale and also local scale. Will explore this idea at conferences, events, and meetups that I attend locally and sometimes towards globally. Thinking of starting this idea for a group in the LA area of Los Angeles which is working on getting more members to join steem(it).



in case you actually don't know who that is:

your generous patron is @gamer00 ;)

oh my pleasure :P I guess, but I'm not sure, did you really not know or did I just ruin someones privacy?! (well... it's not really private anyways... but yeah)

you are right

cuddle attack gif

good idea friend! thank you for post! very interesting!)

That's nice of people who can delegate to do so, in this way they help others as they were helped when they needed. Nice! :)

nice vote me please

STEEM POWER is very important for Upvote

Thank you to visit my blog @steemprentice !

Thanks for this... extra inputs and guides

hello, regards to know me from indonesia

Wishing you infinite blessings too @steemprentice

Thank you very much fir your noble service. And thanks everyone helped


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