Thoughts on another account project like this one for new members that shares votes and growing value

in #steemprentice3 years ago (edited)

What do others think of a new group like this one for new members for crowd voting team contributing?

This was an experimental idea that went well with @steemprentice as a way to mix a group of users together from various avenues from newer to veteran users. Each contributed 10+ STEEM over a year ago. With the rise in STEEM they have gotten the value back and are now freerolling with continuous shared voting support. Others had asked to join. However membership was limited to about 100 to keep some concentrated value for the initial users. With the support for this past idea would like to consider making a new one or few to support more members to bring them together to support each other along with a positive value model.

Welcome you to follow along reading more about the idea and free to leave comments and/or reach out to me, @virtualgrowth, with ideas and interests. Will do some sort of minimum joining membership contribution fee. May start with voting for members and/or valuable authors as both methods were tried out along with others in search of better value and return of value over time. Both of these voting ideas may be used in different groups so that members may choose if they want more of supporting upvote value or a return of value from upvoting and supporting other authors and content creators.


you want to make a membership similar to @steembasicincome that you have several membership levels.

Something in that direction may also be a possibility having thought along similar ideas as well.

I don't think you get limited membership in the other, meaning @steembasicincome
to boost people...but they do start add'l groups .. check it out

Yes, thought about that originally. Actually met @steembasicincome. :)

you are right @joelgonz1982 I have been supported by others and I am supporting them in @steembasicincome

At the moment I only know the service of #sbi and now that I am getting to know the project that wants to do @steemprentice it seems to me a very good initiative on the part of the group of @steemprentice what it needs is more delegation so that the support covers more people .

I am not sure. There seems to be many grouping and I kind of not pay enough attention to newer ones because of the bandwidth. Another option is to maybe transform or evolve this one instead of a new one.

Agreed and thank you for your input.

you're welcome

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