Steemprentice Year Bonus of 553.876 STEEM

Will be sharing this STEEM with contributing members of @steemprentice

After today's power down the account has a total of 553.876 STEEM which will be shared and distributed to current members relative to their contribution/shares.

This disbursement will happen tomorrow sometime. Just wanted to provide details so people are aware and keep updated on the current process with the power down cycle being completed.

Thank you again for your contributions and year of support of the @steemprentice idea/project!

More details

Steemprentice STEEM gift to members next week!

Thank you for supporting @steemprentice over the past year



Thanks @virtualgrowth for your generosity with Steem members, we expect the same in 2018... Happy New Year !!!

Most welcome and Happy New Year!

Just noticed the little deposit in my acct -- came by to give a thanks.

Have a good year man.

Most welcome! You too!

Its going to be great, with this huge price jump today! :) Thanks!

You're not kidding! What great timing! :)

A pleasure for me in contribute with this project. Happy New Year guys!

Omg!! Lol thank you!!!!

Reactions like this is what I live for!

I hadn't come across @steemprentice till now but I think it is a great idea.
With your experience in this space Id love to discuss some ideas I have for an account similar to it aimed at rewarding users more long tail for their content. If you thought it was an idea worth exploring I'd give it a go.

I am on discord and steemit chat @eroche


OMG I remember steemprentice from last year! You're still around?!

What are you up to and how can I help? :)


I will check it out, wow, let's keep Steemit real and STEEM grooving all year, peace !

Im in this project

Found you on Twitter. Subscribed, do reciprocate.