(The sea) and our efforts to give thanks for God's gift

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The sea or the coast has always been the place most used as a tourist destination, both families, colleagues and with those closest



2020 photo document by @arispranata5 (Aceh)

The beach has always been a place to relax the mind from various problems, both in the community and at work. The phenomenon of the sea and the coast always exudes beauty, peace and tranquility of the soul and mind when we are beset by various problems


In addition, enjoying the beauty of the sea and the coast as a form of gratitude to God who created nature and various contents in it. Gratitude must be shown in daily practice, both in our attitude and in interacting with others in the wider community


2020 photo document by @arispranata5 (Aceh)

The vast expanse of the ocean signifies that we are no different than the froth dragged by the waves to and fro. In essence, there is nothing we need to brag about in life, especially after achieving success and success


As proof of gratitude and love for God is to strengthen relationships between people, love and respect each other, maintain unity, give mutual help and so on. This is the true principle of life in defining our gratitude to God.




2020 photo document by @arispranata5 (Aceh)

At the moment many do not realize this, in fact, many cause damage and littering, so that it can cause adverse effects for fishermen. Hopefully we can maintain our daily attitudes and behavior to preserve and preserve God's gifts. because if we ignore it then the consequences we will bear will be severe, such as the earthquake and tsunami


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