Pi Network - Mining Crypto With Your Smartphone

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So I recently found out about this application which allows you to mine cryptocurrency with your smartphone. It's called Pi Network and if you want, you can go to their site to check out everything yourself.

As much as I've searched, I have found only positive reviews about Pi despite them still being in the beta stage. Being in beta means Pi coins are still not on the market so this could be a great time do dive in and earn them before they hit the market.

Who knows, maybe they'll skyrocket?

Nobody ever really knows what will happen in the market. At least not the small fish that we are. All we can do is stay together and help each other grow. It's the reason why I'm even sharing this with you.

Here's a short summary video from their website:

I would say it sounds convincing taking in the fact that both money and technology are always evolving. There were times in history when people thought of cash as an ultimate payment tool but nowadays there are less people paying with cash than with a card.

Legit or Scam?

Let's look at the team

From left to right - Vince McPhilip, Chengdiao Fan and Nicolas Kokkalis (Photo: Benjamin Mattingly)

As of right now, it seems that the Pi Network is not a scam. In fact, if you look at the developers team on their webpage, it's quite impressive. For example:

Let's look up information about Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, who is the Head of Technology of Pi Network

Here's what's written about him on crunchbase.com:
''Nicolas Kokkalis, Ph.D. Student of Computer Engineering at Stanford University. Mr. Kokkalis has expertise in designing social applications that grow virally, using electronic word of mouth marketing. His applications on Facebook and MySpace attracted more than 20 million users with exceptional engagement and retention rates. He has also been the CTO and founder of Gameyola Inc, an organization that received the Facebook Fund award in 2009. He is a graduate of Computer Science at University of Crete, and holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Toronto.''

If you look up other names of Pi Network team members - Chengdiao Fan and Vince Mcphilip they are both Stanford graduates.
Vince has gained exposure talking about blockchain technology on Youtube and has a Twitter account you can follow.


It seems to BOI that this project is legit and it's a great opportunity to earn new cryptos.

Why now?

Because Pi coins will go through halving just like Bitcoin does. It means - rewards will become smaller and smaller. Those who join early will be able to earn more than others. As they're still in the beta stage - you haven't missed anything important, maybe a few thousand dollars when they're on market.

Okay, I'm dreaming but still - nobody knows what will happen. Pi can become a revolution, right? It's good to be excited but it's best to do something about your excitement and that's why I'm sharing my find with you.

You can also earn more by referring friends

When your friends register to Pi, let them use your invitation code and you will be team members. Each new member of your team will increase your mining rate. If you join with my invitation code - bagofincome then I will be in your team and increase your mining rate.


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