How To Gain Followers?

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I Can't Get Anyone To Follow Me??!!


This isn't a problem that I deal with just to be clear right up front. I am just writing in general terms. Explaining in my experience about people that I see virtually begging people to follow them and why the number of followers aren't important at all!

I am on many social media sites! And people are always asking how do you get followers? The bottom line is followers don't matter if they don't engage with your content! People will be confused by that statement, so let me elaborate.

The Numbers Don't Matter

There are people on Twitter that have 10,000 some odd followers, how they got these followers my best guess is joining the "follow trains" that are always floating around on Twitter. A follow train is some influencer who has 60,000 some odd followers will send a tweet that says follow me(the influencer) like, and retweet and in the comments leave your Twitter handle. This is a typical (follow train tweet) and a prime example for my point.

Now someone has 10,000 some odd followers they send tweets all day, look through their timeline. With that many followers their tweets should be going viral right. I have seen this and they barely get any interaction with their tweets.

So what matters here? The stuff that matters is building relationships. Yup! Relationships are the thing that make the difference! Instead of rushing around trying to build a following build friendships!

Make The First Move


Go and look at other people's posts, blogs, and tweets. Leave comments on posts that genuinely mean something to you. Either good advice or something that just touched you in some way. Give them a like or a retweet or depending on what platform you're on a share or a resteem! This concept works on all social media, that is the point it's right in the name (social)!😀

Once you start to connect with like minded people and leave good comments not just (good post) or some one word comment something that you genuinely like won't take much effort to leave a 200 word comment! Then write engaging posts. Whatever you're interested in and those that you've connected with are interested in so long as it's not a spammy post they will engage with your posts! It is truly as simple as this.

If your posts are adding value to the platform you are posting on people will naturally engage with you and will want to follow you because you're helping them in some way. Either offering inspiration, education, or an experience of some kind. Begging to get people to follow you will most likely push people away.


  • Add Value
  • Be Genuine
  • Engage With Others
  • Build Real Relationships
  • Connect With Like Minded People

These Steps Are Simple But Powerful

As I have already mentioned the number of followers mean very little if people aren't interested in what you're posting, or blogging about. As for myself I am happy with just a handful of followers if they are engaging with me. I love getting comment and having dialogue, a conversation back and forth.

Social media to some people is just a way to try to sell something, I am not trying to sell anything. I genuinely care about the people who I have made connections with and am always looking for more people to build a relationship with. If there is some insight I can offer them or help them in some way I do. I have had people ask me to look at their LinkedIn profile and offer some suggestions on how they could make it better to potential employers.

I have helped others with their websites. I have guided people on how to do some DIY projects on both their home and cars. So it is really not about the numbers for me and shouldn't be the real focus for anyone! After all this is social media!😀

I hope this post helps someone out there! Build relationships not high numbers in your following list. We only get one trip to the picnic so to speak life is more meaningful when we are surrounded with real friends and family. These are the things that really matter!

Always love hearing your thoughts and opinions. If you don't like this post and feel it's necessary to downvote me please give some explanation as to why you're doing so. This is original content, I wrote it, it's not stolen from anyone. I am not selling anything so it's not spam I don't know why else it would be downvoted but every one of my posts in the last few months has been downvoted at 3 times by faceless, blogless people. Meaning they have not setup a profile, uploaded a photo of themselves, wrote any of their own posts, or resteemed any posts, have just set the account up within the last 60 days, no steem power, and 25 reputation. If anyone that reads this has seen or heard of this could you be so kind as to offer a little insight into who they are and why they do it. Thanks in advance and have a wonderful day!


Thanks for the info. The steps outlined really worked for me.
The most important thing is to get involved with the people here via their posts and you will definitely end up getting followers.

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@linksman nice to see you again! I am so glad that my thoughts actually help people! I believe more than the number of followers but the relationships that you build with them is more valuable!

I would rather only have a handful of followers and build friendships than have 1,000 followers and never communicate with them and find their interests and thoughts. I have about 3,000 followers on Twitter but really only talk with 150 maybe 200 of them. I don't know why people prefer to have huge numbers of followers and no relationship with any of them.

I guess that's how you get the title influencer that isn't important to me. Like you coming and chatting with me that's worth more than 1,000 followers!

I love the fact that you always take the time to leave a comment for me and actually have an interest in what I do!♥️💯 You are one of my favorites @linksman! Stay awesome and I will be talking with you soon😀🙏

Thanks for your kind words.
I enjoy engaging with guys that are real and down to earth.
I seldom find time to write this days, hence I find it really refreshing reading from your posts that talks about things I can really relate to as a person. We may be thousands of miles apart on different parts of the world, but our daily struggles, challenges, dreams and aspirations to be responsible and successful humans are the same.
Just keep sharing your views as life presents itself, and you will definitely get a response from me.

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I am quickly becoming your biggest fan!😀💯♥️

You have hit that nail right on the head. I struggle to find time to create posts as well with a full time job, the family, and as I mentioned in one of my earlier posts this year I went back to school to get certified for application development and computer programming! So free time is a luxury that I rarely have anymore. That will change in a few months once I graduate!

My life is about to change in a big way once I complete school and I truly am excited about it. I really appreciate guys like you @linksman that show support and always take the time to say hello or leave some inspirational comment! Thank you for that, most of the time it is something that I really needed to hear! Keep being awesome and I will continue to post updates and new posts as time permits.

I found your post via LinkedIn and voted because you shared it on different platforms.

Ignore the flags, dont let it get you down. I often get thumbs down on youtube. its the joys of posting on social.

Whoa! That's awesome what is your YouTube? I will come subscribe! Thank you for the inspiration and the upvote @paulag.

There are some really great decentralized video platforms that are having some major success! I moved from YouTube to one of the better places because they removed my video for being crypto related content.

I love meeting new people and I really build friendships with them. It's not about just following just to follow but learning about them and supporting them and really having a meaningful friendship! That's all we have in life really is our friends and our family!♥️💯😀

Happy early Valentine's Day to you @paulag

my youtube channel is not about crypto, but Excel. I haven't moved to a decentralised platform because traffic = customers for me and I won't get the numbers else where. Feel free to take a nosey around

So you are one of those that had videos removed. thats crap. Whats your channel? and what platforms are you now using?

Yes I was one that had my videos removed then they sent me emails giving me list of rules do's and don'ts. So I deleted that channel all together. It broke my heart I had spent years creating a "community" and I (in my infinite wisdom, NOT) decided to just delete the channel. All that good content, but I justify it and try to make myself feel better by saying it was dated...although perfect for the newbies coming into the "cryptoshere"

So I now use LBRY and Bittube both channels pay me crypto similar to the way #Steemit does. I will definitely come check out and most likely subscribe to your channel!

In fact LBRY has a big promotion running for February and they are giving all new members 65 LBRY on top of the 200 they start you off with if invited by another member.

@paulag I love that you took the time to respond and leave your YouTube channel for me! If you're a Brave creator I will throw some BAT your way♥️

its been a long time since I explored Lbry. Do you still have to download the software? I see you with that link you gave me they now have a browser page. I did actually download it a few years back on my older laptop.

No you don't need to download anything! Full web version. There is an app for Android, and they had one for Apple but there was some issue, they're working on correcting it now.

It is a great site, they don't shut you down for any reason it's built on the blockchain so it's immutable and unstoppable! @paulag if you were there before come back and join us! You can upload your YouTube videos real quick and easy and earn $LBRY for people liking your vids! Don't shut your YouTube videos down just share on both platforms simultaneously!😉

This way you get 2x the income streams! Again I truly thank you for taking the time to chat with me! I love building real meaningful relationships with people! I am a people person, my wife calls me a social butterfly because I am always talking to everyone!

full web version, nice. I will take a look for sure now. that's great.
Have you tried 3speak? I have not tried it myself. already having a steem account makes that one easy to try.

Funny, I would not have seen your post or had a chat with you had you not shared on Linkedin. Keep it up, I always have time for fellow steem users

That's awesome! I have not tried 3speak or even heard of it for that matter. Do you have a link, or is this something that I am able to find by searching on Steemit?

I am so glad that we did end up having this chat! I just made a new friend! I will also try to find you on LinkedIn! Another one of my favorite sites...but Steemit is top dog in my book. Most of the people here are amazing, talented, and friendly. Like anything anywhere in life you have certain people...but the good outweighs the bad 100x!

Going to try to find more information on 3speak! Thanks for the recommendation @paulag! Happy Valentine's Day to you! I hope you get lots of roses, chocolate, and diamonds today!♥️😉

@paulag thanks for the follow!! What are your views and thoughts of cryptocurrency? I love it personally! I truly believe it is the future of money. I would like to offer you a gift if you're a crypto fanatic like me

This is called Ecoin there is a massive airdrop, no hoops to get your coins, no waiting just sign up with a valid email, and poof 1,000 Ecoin (today's current price 1,000=$2USD) but it's already trading on exchanges, has use cases and the potential price after airdrop could be (1,000=$100USD)

And for today only 2/14/2020 you'll get 1,500!

Only if you're a fanatic 😉💰

Truly appreciate the follow! I am going to subscribe to your YouTube channel connect with me on LinkedIn 😀

im not crypto mad, but I do have a keen interest in blockchain and web3. Im just a content creator that happend to find steem ( and do okay from it too)
But I have taken your gift even though I'm not a fanatic, which is good becuase if it does go up, we both win.

Well mrs. @paulag I have subscribed to your YouTube channel great information you have created! Making videos takes so much time, recording and editing but I like it! Keeps me out of trouble.

I also fired you a connection request on LinkedIn (the reason I have become so fond of you now in the first place) 😀

Thanks for accepting my gift, you can now pass it off to other people who like crypto and help the #MassAdoption movement.

Ecoin has a lot of potential, I studied it before this airdrop and have been waiting for this to happen.

I am going to enjoy being friends with you, take care and I will be in touch soon!

The thread of comments now has more words than the original post lol! @paulag thanks for being awesome!♥️💯

Really enjoyed your comments and getting to know you a bit! Sincerely looking forward to more of your posts, videos, and comments!!

And seriously if you had LBRY make your way back there it is completely different, many upgrades and changes!

Thank you so much for your support @goldmatters! You are awesome ♥️💯🙏