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RE: How To Gain Followers?

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@linksman nice to see you again! I am so glad that my thoughts actually help people! I believe more than the number of followers but the relationships that you build with them is more valuable!

I would rather only have a handful of followers and build friendships than have 1,000 followers and never communicate with them and find their interests and thoughts. I have about 3,000 followers on Twitter but really only talk with 150 maybe 200 of them. I don't know why people prefer to have huge numbers of followers and no relationship with any of them.

I guess that's how you get the title influencer that isn't important to me. Like you coming and chatting with me that's worth more than 1,000 followers!

I love the fact that you always take the time to leave a comment for me and actually have an interest in what I do!♥️💯 You are one of my favorites @linksman! Stay awesome and I will be talking with you soon😀🙏


Thanks for your kind words.
I enjoy engaging with guys that are real and down to earth.
I seldom find time to write this days, hence I find it really refreshing reading from your posts that talks about things I can really relate to as a person. We may be thousands of miles apart on different parts of the world, but our daily struggles, challenges, dreams and aspirations to be responsible and successful humans are the same.
Just keep sharing your views as life presents itself, and you will definitely get a response from me.

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I am quickly becoming your biggest fan!😀💯♥️

You have hit that nail right on the head. I struggle to find time to create posts as well with a full time job, the family, and as I mentioned in one of my earlier posts this year I went back to school to get certified for application development and computer programming! So free time is a luxury that I rarely have anymore. That will change in a few months once I graduate!

My life is about to change in a big way once I complete school and I truly am excited about it. I really appreciate guys like you @linksman that show support and always take the time to say hello or leave some inspirational comment! Thank you for that, most of the time it is something that I really needed to hear! Keep being awesome and I will continue to post updates and new posts as time permits.

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