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RE: How To Gain Followers?

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Whoa! That's awesome what is your YouTube? I will come subscribe! Thank you for the inspiration and the upvote @paulag.

There are some really great decentralized video platforms that are having some major success! I moved from YouTube to one of the better places because they removed my video for being crypto related content.

I love meeting new people and I really build friendships with them. It's not about just following just to follow but learning about them and supporting them and really having a meaningful friendship! That's all we have in life really is our friends and our family!♥️💯😀

Happy early Valentine's Day to you @paulag


my youtube channel is not about crypto, but Excel. I haven't moved to a decentralised platform because traffic = customers for me and I won't get the numbers else where. Feel free to take a nosey around

So you are one of those that had videos removed. thats crap. Whats your channel? and what platforms are you now using?

Yes I was one that had my videos removed then they sent me emails giving me list of rules do's and don'ts. So I deleted that channel all together. It broke my heart I had spent years creating a "community" and I (in my infinite wisdom, NOT) decided to just delete the channel. All that good content, but I justify it and try to make myself feel better by saying it was dated...although perfect for the newbies coming into the "cryptoshere"

So I now use LBRY and Bittube both channels pay me crypto similar to the way #Steemit does. I will definitely come check out and most likely subscribe to your channel!

In fact LBRY has a big promotion running for February and they are giving all new members 65 LBRY on top of the 200 they start you off with if invited by another member.

@paulag I love that you took the time to respond and leave your YouTube channel for me! If you're a Brave creator I will throw some BAT your way♥️

its been a long time since I explored Lbry. Do you still have to download the software? I see you with that link you gave me they now have a browser page. I did actually download it a few years back on my older laptop.

No you don't need to download anything! Full web version. There is an app for Android, and they had one for Apple but there was some issue, they're working on correcting it now.

It is a great site, they don't shut you down for any reason it's built on the blockchain so it's immutable and unstoppable! @paulag if you were there before come back and join us! You can upload your YouTube videos real quick and easy and earn $LBRY for people liking your vids! Don't shut your YouTube videos down just share on both platforms simultaneously!😉

This way you get 2x the income streams! Again I truly thank you for taking the time to chat with me! I love building real meaningful relationships with people! I am a people person, my wife calls me a social butterfly because I am always talking to everyone!

full web version, nice. I will take a look for sure now. that's great.
Have you tried 3speak? I have not tried it myself. already having a steem account makes that one easy to try.

Funny, I would not have seen your post or had a chat with you had you not shared on Linkedin. Keep it up, I always have time for fellow steem users

That's awesome! I have not tried 3speak or even heard of it for that matter. Do you have a link, or is this something that I am able to find by searching on Steemit?

I am so glad that we did end up having this chat! I just made a new friend! I will also try to find you on LinkedIn! Another one of my favorite sites...but Steemit is top dog in my book. Most of the people here are amazing, talented, and friendly. Like anything anywhere in life you have certain people...but the good outweighs the bad 100x!

Going to try to find more information on 3speak! Thanks for the recommendation @paulag! Happy Valentine's Day to you! I hope you get lots of roses, chocolate, and diamonds today!♥️😉

3speak link and they also have a community on the beta site
its ran by @theycallmedan

the only valentines gifts I get today will be virtual unless I get something for myself lolololol

Awww😥 @--}~~ ♥️🎈💎 well here are some virtual gifts to kick start your Valentine's Day! 💘

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