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RE: How To Gain Followers?

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@paulag thanks for the follow!! What are your views and thoughts of cryptocurrency? I love it personally! I truly believe it is the future of money. I would like to offer you a gift if you're a crypto fanatic like me

This is called Ecoin there is a massive airdrop, no hoops to get your coins, no waiting just sign up with a valid email, and poof 1,000 Ecoin (today's current price 1,000=$2USD) but it's already trading on exchanges, has use cases and the potential price after airdrop could be (1,000=$100USD)

And for today only 2/14/2020 you'll get 1,500!

Only if you're a fanatic 😉💰

Truly appreciate the follow! I am going to subscribe to your YouTube channel connect with me on LinkedIn 😀


im not crypto mad, but I do have a keen interest in blockchain and web3. Im just a content creator that happend to find steem ( and do okay from it too)
But I have taken your gift even though I'm not a fanatic, which is good becuase if it does go up, we both win.

Well mrs. @paulag I have subscribed to your YouTube channel great information you have created! Making videos takes so much time, recording and editing but I like it! Keeps me out of trouble.

I also fired you a connection request on LinkedIn (the reason I have become so fond of you now in the first place) 😀

Thanks for accepting my gift, you can now pass it off to other people who like crypto and help the #MassAdoption movement.

Ecoin has a lot of potential, I studied it before this airdrop and have been waiting for this to happen.

I am going to enjoy being friends with you, take care and I will be in touch soon!

The thread of comments now has more words than the original post lol! @paulag thanks for being awesome!♥️💯

Really enjoyed your comments and getting to know you a bit! Sincerely looking forward to more of your posts, videos, and comments!!

And seriously if you had LBRY make your way back there it is completely different, many upgrades and changes!

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