'PowerHouseCreatives Contest' 🌺A letter to Carolina on her 15th 🌺

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Dear Carolina,

    I want to write you this letter and I hope that something will happen to you after reading it. You know that I love you very much and the only thing I want is that you continue to do well in your life. You are now 15 years old and you are starting another stage in your life, you are no longer a child but a woman, more mature and more prepared to face what is coming in your life.

    With these words I do not intend to scare you or worry you before your time, perhaps many have spoken to you and told you countless times how life is and how we should face it, so do not be afraid of what I am going to write you. They say that in life we must make our own mistakes and we must learn from them, so do not be afraid to make your own decisions.

    know you've been a very quiet, playful, respectful girl but that's not all, life flies by and you better take some things seriously so that your future is very profitable. The advice I want to give you are those that could give you a mother, that being who loves you most in life and would give it all for you.

    let me tell you that you are very beautiful, stop thinking that you are ugly or that you are very freckled, those are things that God gave you to make you even more beautiful. You're not very skinny either, so don't take too many vitamins to get fat. Self-esteem is important, you must love yourself first if you want others to love you, look at yourself in the mirror and see in it the luck you have to be the way you are, there are many people in the world who didn't have the same luck as you and even worse there are many who couldn't even be born.


    And love others, remember that what you sow in this world you will reap the same, so I invite you to value the friendships, to appreciate and love them as they are, do not want to change them ever, just accept them and you will earn their love and respect. In life there are many false people, I do not say that they are far away, maybe they were not to blame for being so, but keep them away is all.

    Asking for time to pass quickly, rather live day by day, enjoy each sunrise and thank God for a day lived. I know that you want to run but there is another saying that says that from the hurry only the tiredness remains, then it is better that you plan well the things that you want. I invite you to take courses in your free time, learn a language, an art and read many books, maybe now you don't understand but with each thing you do you will be preparing a better path towards your future.

    Your loved ones is important, respecting your parents and understanding them is not easy, many times you think they are against you, but it is not so, your mom loves you infinitely and does everything for you. Someday you're going to wonder why she took you out of the house so early, but it was all for your own good, so that you could study and have a different education in every aspect and your dad is not so strict, he just puts on a shield so that those 10 children he has don't go off the rails. For your father you are and will always be his chilindrina. Embrace your parents, love them like never before and enjoy every moment you can be with them.

    While this happens be brave, if you feel alone some day look for God, go to church and if you want to cry cry, that's one way to vent your sorrows, they say that after each storm the sun rises again, then everything will pass.


    Going like that, you're very pretty and quiet, I think that makes you get along well, keep being happy and singing like you do, you don't know how much you make other people's lives happy. Never change my beautiful girl, if someone wants to be with you it's because they love you and accept you as you are.

    To finish I want to tell you something that I once saw on a billboard "Life is written with a pencil without an eraser" that's Carolina, think well about what you want to write in your book of life so you don't have to wish for an eraser ever and ever.

    Know it's your 15th birthday and I would really like to hug you and give you a big kiss, but from a distance I wish you the best in this life, I hope you have a special day and enjoy your 15th birthday dance.

    Do something for me, please, "don't ever stop laughing"

                                                                                                   Caracas, April 3, 1990.


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Excelente. Me hizo recordar y extrañar increiblemente a mis hijas que estan en países diferentes.

hola oneray, tranquilo que si tu sabes que las criaste con amor ellas van a saber seguir su camino y donde quiera que vayan les va a ir bien, acompañadas por Dios.

En eso confío :)
Muchas gracias por comentar.
Un abrazo

What a lovely letter! "Life is written with a pencil without an eraser" - I loved it!

I'm so glad you read it, I'm so glad that that phrase caught your attention, because I've never been able to forget it, and I've taken it for my life ever since. I always tell my kids about that line too.

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muchas gracias , thank you

Beautiful writing and yes we should be thankful for each sunrise that has been given us. Have a very beautiful week ahead.

I still wish you, God bless your days.

A great letter to your younger self Carolina; giving the best advice possible from the knowledge you've gained from life, and your wisdom to encourage your younger self to not pay attention to the things that don't matter. Excellent!

That's right, it hurts that sometimes our parents guide us and tell us how to do things and we don't pay attention.

Thank you for this beautiful read!

gracias a ti, thank you

Nice to remember what it was like to be 15 again, yes time moves fast, every day a new adventure, nice advice given to your younger self Carolina.

That's right, time flies, I'm already 45, hehehe

Awesome letter, @carolinacardoza. Heartfelt, positive encouragement is something we all need. I love the advice you give yourself: keep reading, keep singing, and keep being beautiful.

Yes, I always look at myself in the mirror and tell myself how beautiful you are, my children say I'm crazy, but I tell them that if I wait for them to tell me I'll die.

A wonderful letter to your 15 yr. old self Carolina.

That's a beautiful letter. The one thing I wish everyone understood better is the principle of reaping and sowing. It doesn't matter who you are, you can't escape this basic law of life. You reap what you sow, good or bad.

A truly beautiful, heartfelt write, sometimes pragmatic and sometimes breaking a little at the seams.

I love how we have the hindsight to see these things so clearly now, with the wisdom and living as an adult.

Great advice and keep on singing your song!

Have a great week!


Thanks a lot for reading, it's very important for me each one of your opinions, of course I will continue singing and laughing until I die, hahaha

Oh, you are welcome. I really loved it and thought you did a great job on it!

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Beautiful letter. Don't ever stop laughing. lovely advice too.

No, I will never stop, I promise.

Very enjoyable post @carolinacardoza, as it is certainly thought provoking to consider writing to our 15-year old selves. How often do we hear, from our fellow travelers though this life, some variation of the age-old question, “If I had it to do all over again, what would I do different …”

Unfortunately, we learn soon enough there is no going back, no matter how desperately we might wish to do so. Not an option. Only forward, so hopefully …

”They say that in life we must make our own mistakes and we must learn from them …”

… we will learn our lesson, through the inevitable mistakes we are going to make, so we are not condemned to a life of being enslaved by and endlessly repeating them.

At the end of it all …

”And love others, remember that what you sow in this world you will reap the same, so I invite you to value the friendships, to appreciate and love them as they are, do not want to change them ever, just accept them and you will earn their love and respect.”

.. our unconditional love for others is an essential lesson we must learn, if we are to reach our “golden years” with a large measure of the joy and peace so dearly sought by us all.

And, finally, …

”… respecting your parents and understanding them is not easy, many times you think they are against you, but it is not so …”

… very wise words, which remarkably few of us seem to understand. Until it is very late …

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. You did a very nice job of it. All the best to you going forward on your "journey" on our Steem blockchain! 😊 👍

Wow, what a thrill to see you express all those words for me, I am very happy and grateful, God bless you so much in your life.

I got tears and you should print this blog and keep it its precious

What a good idea and what a thrill to make you feel that way, thank you very much for all your support, you are all very good to me, God grant you infinite blessings.

Such a kind and lovely letter here my friend.
If a pencil in life would have had an eraser, I would have had to own an eraser factory for all of the mistakes that I have made hahaha
To embrace and love your parents are also brilliant advice here!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Oh my, you must really cherish that beautiful letter.

they say that after each storm the sun rises again, then everything will pass.

Those are wise, wise words! If we look forward, we can always see a ray of sunshine, or an inviting doorway to pass through and move beyond the things that are causing us anxiety or pain in the moment.

Oh, it's a contest entry! I made my earlier comment thinking that your mother wrote this to you on your 15th birthday. Then I saw @zord189's contest results. Now I understand. :-)

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