Flash Dystopian Fiction 500 (50 Steem Basic Income shares)

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Do you have what it takes to write the best flash dystopian fiction we’ve ever seen on steemit?

There’s 50 Steem Basic Income shares on the line


Stories must be original works and not have been previously published anywhere online or in print, including on steemit.

Word count: 500 words, excluding the title, per story.

Anyone on steemit is eligible to enter


Entries will be read my self and 2 other people...which I still need to find btw.


You will be posting your story on your blog with #chronocrypto-dystopian, which we will than have a look at that hashtag.

Length of contest:

This Contest will run for a whole week so you have enough time to Think Write Work.

You may submit as many times as you’d like during the contest period. All entries must be accompanied by the corresponding fee of 1 SBD, This is due to help out with the process of vetting and reading hopefully many many stories.

Send Memo with 1 SBD plus your link with#chronocrypto-dystopian in quotations in the memo.

Honorary Submissions will be created into an AudioBook and the proceeds of the Post will be sent to the Authors.


All Paid entries will get a 100% vote from @chronocrypto so the entry pays for it self. Plus some will and might get resteemd.

Do you have what it takes to write the best flash dystopian fiction we’ve ever seen on steemit?

Contest will End when this pays out plus another week to review all submissions.

Do you have any questions regarding this contest? See Below information.


Dystopian Futures - Discord Group
This post is due to many people wanting to Create the voice files for The Short Stories I create which revolves on Dystopian Futures, Humanity and many other ideas. This is the Discord group keep in mind it is still in RAW format.

Chronopolis - Discord Group

I am looking for voice talent see post below for more details.

I would like to make some AudioBooks out of them, I am looking for people who are very great at reading with personality and are able to give the listener a sense of being part of the book.


I am not looking for experienced Voice Over talent I am looking for Steemians that are English speakers, character actor and improv artist. A smooth, professional and polished vocal style. That are capable of delivering recorded material to me in mp3, m4a, wav, or aiff formats.

If you are able and willing to provide I will pay 5 SBD per AudioClip of the story done, please keep in mind the Stories are very unique and should require a unique voice. They are between 500-800 words, I currently have about a dozen short stores on steemit and will continue to write more, thus give more opportunities to people that want to earn and help out.

Some things I am looking for

  • Voice must be dark, with emotion
  • Must understand this is a dystopian setting
  • Able to make the listener be part of the story
  • Above 55 Rep just means you know how to get around here and you are somewhat active.


If you have not yet read some of my stories please have a look below.
2045- year of the apes, ft. Dr. Chrono - A ChronoCrypto Short Story
Dystopium: It’s not better, it just feels that way - A Chronocrypto Story
Reptilian Alien Precursors- Human POV Part 2 - A Chronocrypto Short Story
Reptile Alien Precursors – Alien POV - A Chronocrypto Short Story
Minds Can be Hijacked - A Chronocrypto Short Story
Robots and their rights - A Chronocrypto Short Story
Current Tech leads to Dystopia - A Chronocrypto Short Story
AI Drones - A Chronocrypto Short Story
A Chronocrypto Short Story - Corporate Conglomerate Dystopia
Singularity - A Chronocrypto Short Story
A Donald Marshall Inspired Story.
A chronocrypto short Dystopian Story: The Creation Animid Unit S-01
Technology and its upcoming dystopian effects.
Robot Equality - Is it here?
Beta JR World's AI Server(Fiction/Non-Fiction)
Clone A-2 (Fiction/Non-Fiction)

In order to be a good fit please read some of these stories to get a feel of how they should engulf the listener.

If you are interested in doing this small project with me and earn some SBD and of course your name as the narrator please contact me on Discord name chronocrypto. Hopefully we can get a wide variety of voices for the project.

The piece will be read in addition to this introduction.

[Title]Written by: @chronocrypto[Narrator]

The Audio files will be uploaded on soundcloud by @chronocrypto, you will send me the audio clip through Discord, so that everyone can listen to the stories.

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great stuff


Can I pay in Steem? I'll almost all out of SBD. And I have quite a couple of posts to send...

And if yes, how much do I pay in Steem per post as against paying with SBD? Thanks!


Now, I want to post like 4 or 5 before the deadline. And since Steem has more currency value than SBD, how much of Steem do I pay for an SBD? Thanks!

Awesome thank you.

Make sure to send in your entry fee.

I have sent the entry fee for the first post, of 1 SBD. Should I send more posts, I guess I'll be paying in Steem instead of SBD, since I've almost ran out of same...

What a looking the cloud

Pic bahut Mast hai

@ chronocrypto
I got you. well I watch and appear as though that it's offer. Doing this little extend with me and acquire a few.

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All things considered, the straightforward answer is, it's most certainly not. Steemit has no income stream, so keeping in mind the end goal to remunerate their clients,

I'm new in steemit please guide me how to grow in steemit

Buena iniciativa!!

Would be nice if you could credit the artists whoms pictures you used. Don't think you would like to have your content spread without credit? ;)

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Good job mate it will encourage the true blogger.

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I dont have flair for fiction writting
But this is a good opportunity for creative minds to be rewarded and noticed. All the best, to the participants.

is that possible in Flash Dystopian Fiction 500

Good content

Very good content!

I can write only in hungarian language. Can you read that? :)

Seems to me you can write in English.

My english come from movies (with hungarian subtitles), games, internet, etc. Its mean, i newer learned grammar in school.
Its enough for a basic-level chat, or a pub-life in a foreign country, but for literature, no way :D

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

Hey, I got a question... Is it a maximum of 500 words or a minimum of 500 words?

Also, are things like "Don't" counted as 1 word or as 2 words?

Much thanks for hosting these, I like writing so I guess I'm coming back on steemit & try writing some stories again;)

Don't is one word...

500 is both the min and max.

Ah, so it has to be exactly 500 words? That's interesting ;)

Thanks for your response!

I see you never got answered by the man itself... IDK, lots of comments but no answer from the creator plus wanting users to pay 1SBD upfront sounds fishy, any ideas?

Thanks for pointing that out, Yes I have a life outside of steemit.

fishy? take a look at my past contests, or ask any questions.

Okay, cool, relax, though I understand you being a tad angry with all the soulless bot-like comments to this post.
I actually take a look at past contests, but I couldn't find any, I don't think you can reach 69 rep being fishy, but it never hurts to be careful, I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from.
As for questions, I only have two questions:
1- What do you mean by flash dystopia?, I know what is a dystopian setting for a history, but I've never heard the term flash dystopia, when you say flash you refer to the length of the history itself, the fact that is 500 words long?
2- I'm not an artist, and while I've always been heavily inspired by games like ShadowRun or Cyberpunk I've never been capable of drawing for the life of me, even so, I MIGHT find a free image that MIGHT suit the post, does a image count for the length, and can I post without any image?

Also, if you want help proofreading some entries, I can help you, no fee required, I enjoy reading dystopian setting histories. That's all.

Sure you can post with out an image.


Flash meaning a quick write up of a Dystopian setting story. Sorta like a pop quiz.

Hello, I got an inquiry... Is it a greatest of 500 words or at least 500 words?

Likewise, are things like "Don't" considered 1 word or as 2 words?

Much a debt of gratitude is in order for facilitating these, I like composition so I figure I'm returning on steemit and have a go at keeping in touch with a few stories once more;)

Wtf is this... Are you a bot that copies other people's comments and replaces certain words with synonyms for them?

Please refer/link/credit the original art to the original artists

I know their work and to see it not credited is a little uncool.

Is 500 words the minimum or maximum amount?

So exactly 500 words then? Challenging...

Sounds interesting, I'd like to try it if I get time.

I wonder about the same...

What type of voice talent do you want and which language.

All your questions are answered in the post...

So... I managed to write exactly 500 words, still no title, the setting is a mix-up between Deus Ex, CyberPunk and the Matrix

Please answer the second point I asked, the image part... depending on the answer I can post it already or I would need to edit it more.


Link in case you don't notice the transfer link in the memo.

excellent the most, this type of contests, at this moment I am participating in one, it will be a pleasure to participate in this, that I live fiction writing. everything goes well and your contest thrives

Gud piece of information!
Well!! Hie.. I'm a newbie.
Here is the link to my post. Upvote if you like the content. thanks!


How about I downvote it?

This isn't relevant, is it?