TEACHER ROOM: Coexistence rules for teachers and students.

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As teachers, we must use some strategies to have control over behavior and good "coexistence" among students in class, as this will guide students to make decisions about their behavior and will not try to forcefully apply the rules of conduct appropriate.


The "rules of coexistence" can help maintain a peaceful atmosphere in the classroom, as students will learn to independently solve the problems that arise in the classroom between them.

Applying these "norms of coexistence" within the classroom, nonviolent educational methods are used to show the child a respectful attitude, encourage good behavior and correct the bad.

Con estas medidas, evitamos el uso del castigo y medidas agresivas o violentas de corrección del comportamiento. Estas reglas de convivencia se basan en el hecho de que los estudiantes responden mejor a un enfoque positivo cuando tienen el derecho de elegir, negociar, debatir e introducir el sistema de recompensa.

To achieve a good coexistence in the classroom, it is advisable to consider some rules by the teacher, such as:

  • Treat students with respect.
  • Encourage self-discipline.
  • Promote the participation of children in the discussion among all.
  • Respect the differences of each child in particular and their level of learning.
  • Cultivate honesty and justice in students.
  • Promote the development of solidarity among the students of the class.

Some forms that the teacher can apply to strengthen the established rules of coexistence we have:

  • Explain what kind of behavior you expect from a particular student or the whole class. For example, if you try to reassure the class, you can say: "Students, look at the silence".
  • Provide a justification for why this behavior should be considered appropriate. For example, say: "We are going to start an English class, so it is very important that everyone listen to me attentively."
  • Ask the students to confirm their understanding of the need to behave correctly. For example, ask: "Does everyone understand why it is important to keep quiet at this time?".
Be sure to immediately encourage good behavior, so that everyone is clear. You should let the children feel that they are playing on the side of the leader team, and praise the individual students for their good team behavior.

Remember that "the norms of coexistence" can not give the correct result if it does not encourage an immediate and understandable good behavior.

Try to put more emphasis on the task facing the class, and not on their behavior. Concentrate on tasks as positive as the students' respectful attitude towards others, and not on the requirement to stop talking and shouting. For example, it is possible to construct a sentence with an appeal to students as follows: "It is necessary to observe silence to show respect for what other people will tell you." You should not say something like the following: "You should stop talking and concentrate."

Rules of coexistence of students:


  • You can not be late for a class without a good reason.
  • Must complete everything necessary for the class: a notebook, textbook, pencil, rule.
  • Be silent, be diligent, do not get distracted by strange activities.
  • If you want to answer the teacher's question or ask a question, do not shout from the place, raise your hand.
  • Respect the opinion of your colleagues, everyone has the right to express their opinion.
  • When asked to respond, use an audible tone of voice and be precise and concise with your response.
  • Write in notebooks legibly and accurately. Negligence and illegibility of handwriting can not be tolerated; it is an expression of elementary disrespect to who will revise their notebooks.
  • During the lesson, you should not chew gum.
  • When you hear a call announcing the end of the lesson, do not rush, trying to get out of class as quickly as possible. Wait until the teacher has finished the class and write down their assignments in the journal so as not to disturb their classmates at night with phone calls, or make up excuses when they turn in their assigned activities.


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At the beginning of the school year, it is essential that students, representatives and teachers collectively elaborate the rules of coexistence; that are going to be implemented throughout the course.
All should be responsible for compliance with them, to avoid misunderstandings or misunderstandings.
Being the adults, who give the example.

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Hello @ deisip67, very good publication, very interesting rules of coexistence that you raise, since so that in a classroom can be maintained in a pleasant and respectful environment they must exist and the teacher plays a fundamental role in this! regards!!

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