nice work on this post... looks like you had a blast

Thanks, we really did. The whole trip was excellent. If you read the last post, it was about us finding an opal bed and the hike to get there.

Therapy Thursday, battling squirrels, digging for opals, watching chicken races — you sure know how to stay busy!

I wish there was Therapy Thursday still. Nobody sends anything in. 😪

I've never heard of chicken racing before. The ducks were cute, though.

Yeah, they were a really fun surprise.

That race announcer has a good job.

I'll say. Never has to shower, gets to be drunk at work, plus gets to practice his standup.

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Thank you so much, @curie. I really appreciate this and you. It's very exciting.

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Haha nice vacation impressions :-) I like the crazy guy with the long grey hairs 👍😀

... and chicken 🐔 racing Is also very new to me ! Looks very funny 😆 Thanks for sharing with the steemit community 😀

Thank you. He was a hoot for sure. You should get some chicken racing going in your area. Another fun thing is to have a board divided into a bunch of squares. People choose a square and whichever square the chicken poops on first, WINS!!!

Haha nice :-) I will definitely check out where in my location some crazy 🐔 stuff is going on 😀

hello how funny it is to think that somewhere there is a chicken race and you can even bet on them this. This soooo funny i love it!!!Beautiful photos:)

Thank you. I am glad you liked it. The best part was that the bets were free, and you could win coupons for money off dinner or the gift shop.

That is so cool it makes it even better:D

Chicken racing? That's just hilarious!! You guys sure had mad fun at Fort St. James, it is worth a second visit!

Yes, it was really fun. Except for the fire. And the treatment of the indigenous people, historically.

Yeah, I guess learning about that was kind of the sad part...

howdy from Texas granolalight! hahaha! what great fun and educational too, this was a masterful post, great job! I wonder, this place must be a seasonal thing right because most of the winter those racing things would be covered in snow. ok dumb question.

No such thing as a dumb question. At least that's what they tell me. It closes down, I think in September, and opens up again in May, I believe. It definitely gets covered in snow, but also there is no tourism when the kids are in school. I could also imagine the amount of wood it would take to keep all those fireplaces going at -40.

I'm really glad you liked it and thank you so much.

haha! -40 yes what fun. you guys live in Canada? I don't know how ya'll handle the cold. I salute you though!

We sure do. We're up the Alaska highway right now but we are planning on going further south when we start our forever homestead. No need to salute us, you get used to it. We just want to get to a place with a better growing season and less depression in the winter.

oh howdy sir granolalight! wow so you guys are going to start a homestead! wow are YOU in the right place, as far as steemit.
where is that going to be? There is a lady on here who has a homestead but they are also getting ready to set up and build a new one.

and you will have endless posting material! good for you guys.

Other than the highlight video of chickens racing, I was interested in hearing more of those trivia questions. Great job building up the story up to the highlight. Chicken races were the reason why you bothered to check the place out? yeah it was the same term that got me checking your post out too. :D

The quests were pretty cool, but hard. They really don't give you many tips.

My wife's quest was true or false questions. One at each building with a person in it. You would really have to study to get some of them, or be a good guesser. We obviously are not good guessers.

Mine was a selfie challenge. I had to find things and then take a selfie with them. Here are a few of them.

It was tough because each thing was the answer to a riddle, so you had to find out the answer, then find it and take the photo. At the end you get a button that says you escaped the fort.

That was a good post. Clean writing, you took me on a journey, it was personal yet not a personal masturbation job, funny, engaging. Seriously, that was just textbook good writing.
I might still be a little drunk from last night.
Anyway, I'll give you 5 SBD for that chicken button.

Thank you, kind sir. I should look at this textbook you speak of. I got booted in grade 10, so I don't remember what they look like.

What were you drinking, and were you alone?

No deal on the button, but maybe you could print this and get one made.

Let me know if you need a high res image.

Ship the words. I like that a lot. I suppose all the newsprint on the wall was more for insulation than decor?
Wonder why it is when something funny happens there is always a goat involved in it somewhere?
Glad you managed to have some fun in spite of all the smoke and bees and depressing historical facts. I guess there is something to be said for playing dressup and racing chickens afterall

That is exactly what we asked, and yes, it did help with keeping drafts out, but it also gave travellers something to read, as they didn't have a lot of books, plus you probably aren't going to weigh yourself down with books when there are pelts to haul.

Goats=humour. They are a key that are often overlooked. One was trying to eat the sheet, one was trying to nuzzle in for some good scratching, while the other was ramming my legs. I couldn't help but laugh at them. I can't wait to get some of my own.

That's a big 10-4 on the having fun. If we let ourselves get bogged down with everything, we'll never get the energy to change things.

Well all I can say is thank you for your service to the rest of mankind.
It is only because of people like you who are willing to own and care for those devils that provide four legged clowns for the rest of us to enjoy.

That's a lot of pictures! Looks so beautiful, calm and heavenly. Thanks for sharing with us.

Thanks for reading. Now that I don't have to pay to get the photos developed I go a little crazy.

Oh my goodness! I've heard of a lot of things and have seen a lot of funny signs, but the chicken racing is the first for me! The photos and history were magnificent as well as the videos of the chickens!

The first thing I thought of when I saw the sign was, "Why did the chicken cross the road?". Safe travels!

Thank you so much. I hope the announcer answered your question for you.

It's definitely the sign that got us up there, but the chickens and the ice cream shop will bring us back.

Yes, the announcer did answer any questions I had! It must have been interesting watching them race around in person!

excellent joke

Which joke is that?

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