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Wow! Thank you very much, and thanks to @johnyoudyer. This is very cool and I will definitely join you on Discord.

Oops, it says it is an invalid invite.

Thanks for the heads up! Here is a new link!

Sweet!! IM not much of a homesteader renting an apartment and all, but loving the community and anyway i can help it grow i am all for it!!!!!!!

Curation and commenting is some of the most powerful things you can do, with or without a garden ;p

Good Lord! I'm a crying mess at the end of this!!! this is not a how to post it's a love letter to your Wife and it's beautiful!!!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing this post on PYPT

You're welcome, Snook. I'm glad you liked it. I don't like to come out and tell people that, as many people would rather read a how to post. It's how I trick the cynics.

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Thanks @c-squared. We really appreciate that and you.

This is such a great post! I didn't know @granolalight was you too :)

The older we get, the more we really do realize that it doesn't take much to be happy. For you it's the right girl, your pups, and some rich soil :) That's really very nice :)

I'm passing this post on to c-squared in the hopes that they pay you a visit :) Thanks for giving me the heads-up on this one :)

Thanks, I thought you might like it. I remember you saying that you worry about people with no balance or something like that.

Yes, it's me too. This is where we try to document our transition to homesteaders.

Thank you. Who wouldn't love a visit from The Gnashster?

Yep, I'm a firm believer in being grounded...literally :)

So cool! When did you guys start homesteading? There's sure a big population here on steemit of homesteaders, isn't there? It seems to be a cultural swing that is gaining momentum.

Right? The Ghashster :)

We aren't really homesteaders, yet. Hence the name, we're just light granolas right now. We're on a very small town lot. There are a lot on here for sure. @canadianrenegade are up by Edmonton doing it and they have some pretty cool posts if you get a chance to look into it more.

Of course you wouldn't be able to handle the cold, now that you're areal southerner.

hahaha I'm hoping my days living in cold winters are done for good :) I like canadianrenegade too; I'll have a look. Thanks!

And hooray, c-squared popped by :)

Thanks so much. We appreciate the comment. I just noticed your profile pic. These are part of our other garden.

It's our first time growing any and it was just on a whim from some seeds given by a friend. As soon as the peas ripen, we might have to try the puree.

Nice! Are those auto flower? Or just early finishers?

I don't know what they are. My friend saw my tomatoes under our lights and gave me about 100 seeds that had already been picked through. I got 5 females out of about 15 plants that germinated and gave him 2. I took a cutting of the short one and it's rooted, in case it's any good. It smells great and the hairs are starting to get red.

I am keeping a close eye on them because I really don't know what I'm doing and don't want them to go too far.

If you can get your hands on a jewelers loope you can look at the trichomes. CLear trichomes means not quite ready, but you can pick and it will be a speedy buzz. Milkey white trichomes means its at peak THC. Then if you let it go longer the trichcomes will start turning from white to amber. That means the THC is gradually going down but the cannabanoid CBN is going up, which produces more of a sleepy high. If you dont have access to a loope, you can judge the ripeness buy seeing the red or orange hairs whither and curl.

Awesome thanks. I don't smoke anymore, but if it is a sleepy high, it would be better for me than taking gravol.

I really enjoyed reading this post thanks to @ghscollective.
Being a bit of an in-town homesteader myself, I always enjoy seeing what other people are doing.
Throwing a couple of ant infested chunks of wood in to the chickens probably made them happy cluckers. :-)

Thank you so much. I know there are more of us than we know.

Yes, the ladies went right to town on those pesky ants.

This is a great post, and I like your raised-bed garden! The best thing, though, were the lovely words you said about Gerri!

I can't think of anyone I would rather be beside when I'm feeling down or inadequate. Even just having her near me gives me everything I need to keep going...

Those two paragraphs were such a beautiful, loving thing to say! ❤️

I hope you keep us posted as things around your place develop! 😊

Behind every great Man, stands a Good Woman! So glad you found yours! It turns a chore like this into a fun memory, treasure it! This is a solid raised bed, it should give you many years of good service, and hopefully a lot of good food!
Keep on posting! :)

Thanks, new friend. "Good" doesn't begin to describe her, but I know what you mean. We are planning on putting up a few of these now, so hopefully they will get better each time.

I look forward to the posts! Not bending over to pick vegetables is a smart, saves wear and tear on the back! :)

That's exactly what we were thinking.

Work smarter, not harder! I like it! :)

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