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This is so awesome you two!!! I had no idea that place existed.

hahaha "there were some signs" and "fart bag" ... I'm a camper so I totally get that one!

I'll be curious to hear if you ended up with something really worthwhile from the dig!

Passing this one off to c-squared :) Nice job!

We didn't either, but it sure was a nice surprise. Thanks, @lynncoyle1. Is camping something that they do in Mexico, or is it a gringo thing?

You're welcome!!

I think those who camp here are totally doing it out of necessity 😅 they'd probably think we're nuts, choosing to do it for fun!!

Hey @Bitfiend,

Come check this out. Another rock nerd.

Nice, I'm not the only one :p. Hey @granolalight feel free to use the #rockhound tag you almost had it (-ing) ...still a work in progress!

Cool, I just changed it. We're planning to get into this a little heavier as finances allow, so it will be good to have someone to interrogatequestion about it.

My lack of finances allowed me to agate hunt every day but now I got this day job....makes it tough to rockhound!

Just quit and live off of agate hunting. You might have to rob a liqour store as well.

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I found this post through @geopolis and am delighted I did. You made the expedition vivid through your photos and your description--so vivid I'm really glad I wasn't there. The bit about the bear was funny, but kind of scary. And the piece about the fire was sad, and startling, that you should witness the beginning of that. Witness to history indeed.

When I was a young child, my brothers used to lead me through the forest by our house. This was in the foothills of the Shawangunks. As I recall there were cliffs and swamps and tall grasses over my head. Certainly untamed. I was a reluctant adventurer back then. Your piece reminds my why I was :)

I'm really glad you liked it. Thanks for the reply.

I've been through the Shawangunk area a few times when I was trucking out of Ontario and through the eastern states. It's a pretty area, if I remember correctly. Not a lot of people.

No. Not a lot of people :) That pretty much sums up my early childhood.

I'm still catching-up on all the great posts that were shared during PYPT last Thursday! Yours is one of my favorites, because I love pretty rocks like Gerri does! Very cool adventure, and you got some lovely specimens, no doubt! Thanks for sharing the story with us! 😊

Thanks, @thekittygirl. Yeah, it was such a fun trip, and the opals were the icing on the cake because we weren't expecting to do any rockhounding when we left home. Check out the chicken races post if you get a chance. It was another great time and we found out there is jade there.

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Thanks, @c-squared. It's much appreciated.

Looks like you had fun! And that is pretty sweet finding these stones, I love those kind of stones, have some at home too.. Cool if you can find these "in the wild hehe"

Thanks to @anomadsoul making me "A whale for a day" by following my vote while he is traveling, my vote will be followed directly by his vote with the same percentage. So thanks to this you will receive a much higher upvote than I could give with my own Steem Power.

Good night :)

Thanks, Noukie. You're the fantastic-est, and thanks @anomadsoul.

:) that sounds so funny haha !

@granolalight! You're making me miss BC badly! We took a few trips down there together and loved all the scenery the hiking and biking brought us. Looks like you had an challenging hike but quite the reward at the end. So the property was a no go, eh? We looked in BC to and found similar problems. Plus, massive overhead powerlines, or just too much distance between the properties and a place to find work. Despite how much we love BC, the cost of living was too high and we decided we wanted to keep our support system close. Although, we have been encouraging a family relocation program to happen. Unfortunately, no comical stories are coming to mind at the moment but I will have a think about it. Cheers, Aimee

This was 320 acres with two lakes for $159900. Just too cold in the winter and it was mostly just logged off. I think there was 100 acres that hadn't been logged recently. We had to go see it at that price.

We really liked that whole area, but I think closer to Terrace would suit us better. Have to check out the winter climate first.

I don't really find the cost of living high here, as compared to when I lived in southern Ontario or southern BC. I had friends who lived in Edmonton and they said it was expensive living there. In the city.

I hope you can find at least one humorous story to lay on us. :)

Yes, at that price it would be silly not to at least check it out. The cost of living seems to creep up higher each year, sometimes in sneaky ways. We have discovered some food in slightly smaller packages at the same price to hide the price difference. I just remember visiting BC and being shocked at the cost of produce but I guess the area would make a difference too. I think my funny bone must be sprained but I'll throw a splint on it and see if I can't heal it up. -A

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damn, that's some serious dedication! And your faces getting out of the car hahaha

We love getting out of the car. It is our bliss.

oh my gosh - the one picture of you hanging out of the door - i was DYING laughing!!!!!!!! LOLOLOL

and the opals that you found - sooooooo cool! Great job with your post!!!!

Hey, thanks. It's pretty fun going through all the pics we take and putting them into a post. We never know what it will be like until we get home.

Hoping to have the chicken races post up tomorrow.

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