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Well that wasnt expected. A truly feely story. May she rest in peace. 😞

Thanks. In this case, you could actually say, "rest in pieces" and not sound cheesy like all the other times people use that saying.

Luckily I believe that this is the only life we or animals get, so Red served her purpose well. For two years she gave us 5-6 eggs a week and her whole life she gave us entertainment. In exchange, we fed her lots of extra treats and tried to give her the best life we could give a chicken.

I do wish she had have made it another year though. Even if she was done laying.

Sorry about your loss. I imagine it's never easy to part with anything you've bonded with, regardless of what kind of animal it happens to be.

Thanks. I'm over it now and have been prepared for everything dying, so it wasn't too hard. It's just right at the time, when you actually watch it, it seems worse than it probably is. We made the deal when we got chickens that there would be no taking them to the vet. They are livestock and then they are deadstock. I have no problem feeding a chicken after she's done laying, but it's a big difference to shell out $15 a year or $150 per vet visit. They only have a few year lifespan at the best of times.

They are almost pets, because of the fun I have with them, but they are not quite there yet. It's funny that the cat doesn't give us anything but love and grief, and we don't bat an eye at a $900 bill for a UT surgery when it's about to die, but a chicken doesn't even warrant a ride to town.

Heh, well, I mean there’s probably some kind of mammalian connection there, right? Interesting perspective though from someone who actually owns them. I’ve always wanted to raise chickens but we’re not in the right place yet.

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I didn't realise you had a homesteading account!

Sad story. I lost my last sweet hybrid hen Sunday morning. I think an egg broke inside her. She pretty much slept the last of life away, so I let her go peacefully. No poops from her, just the last death throws which are never nice.

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Yep. Poor old me, as well. She used to be the biggest egg producer. Now we're going to have to go to the store this winter for our eggs.

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