藏区骑行60日~「精美的古格王朝遗址」Riding in the Tibetan area for 60 days~Beautifully Guge Dynasty ruinssteemCreated with Sketch.

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When We got up, We walked toward the Guge Dynasty. The sky was very blue. There was no sorrow in the scenic spot. When we went to buy tickets, the scenic administrator was still washing her face. The site of the Guge Dynasty was built on a mountain hill. From the foothills to the top of the mountain, it is said that there are more than 600 houses, pagodas and caves. It is really spectacular. We walked along the road, next to the caves, the scenic area administrators opened several houses with us, and the Buddha statues and sculptures inside were very beautiful. The remains of clay sculptures and colored murals in the temple reflect the prosperity of the Guge dynasty, as if Guge was yesterday.




The Guge Dynasty was built by the descendants of the Tubo Kingdom, probably around the 10th century, and ruled the entire Ali area during its heyday. Guge lived in Arida for more than 700 years, and there were more than 20 kings. He was finally destroyed by Ladakh, but in the end he left countless cultural relics and historical materials for future generations. Going up the stairs of earth and stone, Guge’s broken description of everything here is full of broken walls, and it is a scene with Zada ​​Tulin. There is only one secret road leading to the top of the building. It is very narrow. It is difficult to find it without looking carefully. It’s really a good time to be a husband. Guge owners have a strict hierarchy, the palace is high, the mountain is the residence of slaves, and the cave in the middle is the place where monks practice. Standing on the top of the palace, looking into the distance, it is also full of devastation. It is such a place that gave birth to such a great civilization. It has witnessed the labor and wisdom of the Tibetan ancestors.







In the afternoon, we finished the tour and began to go back to Zada ​​County. The sun was very big at noon, and we waited for the car to carry us to the Balb. Back at the Balbine Station, we found a Tibetan dwelling that is still under construction. After talking to the Tibetans nearby, we started to set up tents. In the evening, the Tibetan area is very windy. If the conditions are right, we try to find sheltered places to spend the night.


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You’re visiting some amazing places at your trip! Loved the view from the top of the palace. Is the Tibetan wind that though you can’t put up your tent decent?

Thank you!No,we want sleep comfortable .And we must ride the next day.

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流口水ing! 好想在那里呆上两天拍拍日出日落下的古格王朝以及扎达土林!

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