The Diano's Family Portraits

in #steempresslast year

Our Bible study small group consists of small starting families. I mean families who have either one or two kids who are aged ten and below. One of them is Diano's, Raffy, the mom, Audrey, the father, and Lucas Riley, their child.

When we were introduced, I always mix their names because, for me, Raffy sounds like a guy's name and Audrey's like a woman's name. Anyway, I am already used to their names now that we had been seeing each other every week for our Bible Study and church services.

This photo opportunity was very simple and plain, we just asked them to wear something that are matching with each other. They also chose the location which was at the Il Corso Mall in SRP, Cebu City.

The family loved their photos and wished to have them printed as they are planning to have another child this year. They said this would be the last time that they'll be a family of three, God willing.

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