10 things about creativity and meditation(英译版)

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10 things about creativity and meditation 👇:

1, the source of creativity comes from the peace of the brain.

2, meditation can regulate brain waves and calm the brain.

3, when the brain the thoughts are no longer chattering, real inspiration will emerge.

4, one day, the scientist will know why meditation is so good.

5, at that time, meditation will become a basic human discipline and become a tool for mining creativity.

6, In fact, many artists love to meditate, such as Steve Jobs, Dwayne Johnson, Leonard Cohen, director David Lynch, Oscar-winning Emma Stone and so on.

7, Studies have shown that the brain generates innumerable thoughts a day, so a great deal of energy is wasted on negative unconscious thoughts. Meditation is to calm these innumerable thoughts, stop wasting energy, and let energy deal with really creative things.

8, Meditation is like to stare blankly(to stare into space). It's like stopping, and doing nothing, and then allowing your thoughts to flow freely, communicate freely and mate(copulate) without interfering. It's amazing that once you have time to allow your brain to flow freely, at first you feel like a rough sea, slowly and slowly you feel that the waves are getting smaller. Finally, it's possible to be completely calm. For the first time, you know you can be so calm that you don't have a lot of distractions in your mind. Then you can go deep into the calm ocean, get a deep understanding of the nature of everything, and creativity comes out.

9, So give your mind your thoughts the time to flow、copulate freely is to give yourself the time to be stare blankly(to stare into space) or meditated so that you can be creative.

10, In fact, just take a moment to stop playing with the mobile phone, not completely addicted to the mobile phone is the source of creativity.

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