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RE: Flash Dystopian Fiction 500 (50 Steem Basic Income shares)

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Hey, I got a question... Is it a maximum of 500 words or a minimum of 500 words?

Also, are things like "Don't" counted as 1 word or as 2 words?

Much thanks for hosting these, I like writing so I guess I'm coming back on steemit & try writing some stories again;)


Don't is one word...

500 is both the min and max.

Ah, so it has to be exactly 500 words? That's interesting ;)

Thanks for your response!

I see you never got answered by the man itself... IDK, lots of comments but no answer from the creator plus wanting users to pay 1SBD upfront sounds fishy, any ideas?

Thanks for pointing that out, Yes I have a life outside of steemit.

fishy? take a look at my past contests, or ask any questions.

Okay, cool, relax, though I understand you being a tad angry with all the soulless bot-like comments to this post.
I actually take a look at past contests, but I couldn't find any, I don't think you can reach 69 rep being fishy, but it never hurts to be careful, I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from.
As for questions, I only have two questions:
1- What do you mean by flash dystopia?, I know what is a dystopian setting for a history, but I've never heard the term flash dystopia, when you say flash you refer to the length of the history itself, the fact that is 500 words long?
2- I'm not an artist, and while I've always been heavily inspired by games like ShadowRun or Cyberpunk I've never been capable of drawing for the life of me, even so, I MIGHT find a free image that MIGHT suit the post, does a image count for the length, and can I post without any image?

Also, if you want help proofreading some entries, I can help you, no fee required, I enjoy reading dystopian setting histories. That's all.

Sure you can post with out an image.


Flash meaning a quick write up of a Dystopian setting story. Sorta like a pop quiz.