Do You Live In Sufficiency?

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It all happens in sufficiency! When sufficient, there is peace else there is continuous struggle no matter how much effort we put on it. Unless we have received the Grace of God, we keep in struggling for perfection. When perfection comes, we have sufficiency. It comes only by His amazing Grace.

Are You a Part of the Worries of the World?

World has worries and that is natural. Natural being or nature has worries of it's own because it seeks it's own. It does not seek the world peace within. It seeks the desires of the soul. The worries of the world never end and it all goes in vain. Nothing results out of it and it all happens for no reason.

One keeps worrying about the matters of the world and hence when there is participation, there is evil doing too. Evil doers are not been led by the spirit of God. So, it all happens weird where there is no peace at all. No peace within and outside too. There are weird fights of the soulish behaviour. The soul behaves weird when it has no sufficiency. It behaves like a thirty and struggling strangled horse who keeps kicking and jumping for rescue.

Are You Looking for the Rescue?

Finding the peaceful way is rescue from the torments of the world. There is no sign of true love within when it comes to unpeaceful life. Though the struggle happening within is for the rescue, however, this rescue is not possible unless we have the Grace of God. The Holy Spirit is the one that sets us free.

It is the spirit of God that sets us free from the strangled life. It is the one that brings us to the destination we look for. The destination where we have settlement and peace forever. This settlement is without compromising and hence it is a true settlement.

Are You Always Compromising?

There is not peace when compromising because it is a sign of sacrifice. For example: Adjusting with the food that we cannot eat. Sleeping on the bed that hurts. Listening to the music that cannot be loved and so on. Wearing uncomfortable clothes, struggling hard, working hard, working under pressure and helpless behaviour is all a wastage. It is a sign of insufficiency and hence it all fails. Compromising with money matters saying that we do not need money for survival is also disgrace.

What Does Not Fail is the Love of God!

The efforts of men might fail though not all the time, however, God never fails in His intentions of peace. God is sufficient. He provides and does not want us to remain hungry any time. He is the God of Mercy only and no sacrifice at all. God of Grace has mercy only, the incorruptible one.

Pure Mercy results in Pure Peace that cannot be snatched away at all. This is something that we need to understand while we taste it and have it. We have it! We "do not" have it is the insufficiency word. We "have" it is the word of sufficiency.

We have life, we have love, we have Grace, we have Mercy and we have Peace. We have money, we have shelter and we have everything. We "have" everything! That sounds perfect, isn't it?

We have life and that is the truth. We have life + death is a lie and Grace is not based on a lie. Grace is based on truth only. So, we have sufficiency is the truth. We have no lacking at all is the truth. Focusing on the truth works without fail.

Focusing on Sufficiency

Focusing on sufficiency eradicates insufficiency and it works 100%. The truth is that we have sufficiency and insufficiency being a lie, we may focus only on the truth that is revealed to us. The truth is the His Grace is Sufficient!

The God always leads us towards focus on the truth. Truth does not have mingled spirit. It has pure spirit of God. Hence, it has no truth + lie. Thus, it has pure truth to focus upon. Pure truth is that we are "approved as it is" without any blame games or shame. We are pure in the sight of God of Grace. This purity is not partial. It is the impartial love of God who loves us unconditionally.

Focus on "Now" because His sufficiency is "Now". His sufficiency is now and forever!

Article purely written by @puregrace
(I am not influenced by any books, religion or any person. Whatever I have written is from my pure senses of Grace, Mercy and Peace being led by the spirit of God of Grace only. My intention is to love the world unconditionally and not to condemn it in anyway)

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A really lovely post. We can find peace when we are still and know that God is in charge of our lives. Leave it up to Him. He knows they path that lies ahead of us. Blessings