Holy Spirit is Life!

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Holy Spirit is the pure spirit of God of Grace. The spirit is pure in the sense that it has no darkness in it. It does not bring darkness, it brings light and pure freedom when it comes. It is within us and it waits upon us to let it lead us.

I have been travelling to many places recently, all filled with suffocation in mentality where I would suffer personally, spiritually, mentally, physically and socially too. It happened for around 2 years and then I had to set myself free before I could see myself ending up with weird things in my life.

Weird things could be anything like suicide, police cases, court cases, fighting and wars. However, I kept on running away from these things and thought that I should not be driven by any lawful things. Thus, I maintained my unconditional love and real virtue without participating in the side-wars.

Unconditional Love Never Fails

I never failed to love unconditionally and thus, I could finally see the break-through. After we suffer for a while, the true life comes within us. It is a process and I cannot tell exactly, how it happens. However, those who are long-suffering do see the results and good yield. If you have been long-suffering with the people harassing you without the thought of punishing them in return, then the Holy Spirit comes upon us.

True Love Does Not Think Evil

Peace of the Holy Spirit comes as a gift after we suffer for a while remaining in true love. Goodness is then, when we do not think evil at all. We are not even off-ended! That is where the things start working in our favour. Favour means will and not partiality. So, when we stop thinking evil, we do not charge anyone for wrongdoings and then, things start working mercifully. We receive Mercy, the spirit of God of Grace.

Holy Spirit is Mercy Only

The Mercy only thing is of the God of Grace and no one else. The so called powers of the world has not yet known the Pure Mercy of God. They have not yet known the spirit filled Peace too. Spirit filled Mercy and Peace comes from above and it is Pure first. Pure means thinking no evil at all, not to charge or forgive one another. Also, the spirit works when we are helpless or incapable. It gives us the courage and ability to make things easier because God is Mercy.

Article purely written by @puregrace
(I am not influenced by any books, religion or any person. Whatever I have written is from my pure senses of Grace, Mercy and Peace being led by the spirit of God of Grace only. My intention is to love the world unconditionally and not to condemn it in anyway)

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