@TribeSteemUp Bi-Weekly Question: Can You Unite The Whole World?

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My Answer is Yes and Only Yes! When we know the truth and we have patience to understand it, we know that the whole world is within only and not outside. However, what is within is outside. It has happened to me all the time. So, I started focusing on the unity within and then I HAVE found Peace ONLY.

Unity Within is Unity Outside

It is what we have and what we see! What we have within is what we see outside as well! The whole world is not yet united outside because it is not yet united within. When we see differences, we actually have them within us. There is a point or a stage in our life, when we see the differences no more and then we see UNITY ONLY. That's why God's Grace is Amazing Only.

Unity within is the virtue of the spirit of God, whereas, the human being has not yet learn't to see within. The actual differences are in our own thinking. We see the black and the white as separate. But there comes a moment when we see them as ONE. Yes, it happens in real when it all happens within us.

What is True Unity?

True unity happens when our within stops fighting for many things and it has complete peace. The within fights for rights most of the time. When we ask for rights, we are obviously comparing with someone else or something else. This someone or something is not out neighbour, but our second partial heart. As long as a human has two divided hearts, he/she sees no unity because what is divided is not yet united.

Hence, true unity begins within when we start judging thyself based on the things outside. Also, true unity is all about having ONE GRACEFUL HEART, the heart that knows no partiality at all. The heart that does not think evil even to forgive one another is the united heart. An united heart sees unity in the world too because all world is within that united heart.

We Are United by ONE HEART! What does it mean?

In movie songs, we often see the couple singing "You are mine, I am yours. We are One". One heart has unity while twain has division. So, a divided heart would see differences in the world such as tall/short, male/female, good/bad, light/dark, vegan/novegan, India/Pakistan, Hindu/Muslim, girl/boy, young/old, English speaking/Non- English speaking, rich/poor and so on. Differences result in side-wars, partiality, destruction and dead-end.

Unity of our heart does not see partiality outside. It remains ONE, unbiased and hence remains united all the time. What matters is our heart and hence it is always possible to see unity outside when we have a united world within.

Do You Have a Heart that Wants to Unite Only?

Often, there are categories everywhere and the system of the world is based on these categories. The categories of various types like regions, castes, religions, racism, gender, age, profession, career, nationality, beauty, quality, power, money and so on. When we stop thinking about these categories and start thinking as ONE heart, then, these divisions are over.

Recently, I observed that the Hindus and Muslims are categories based on religious beliefs. Then, there are further categories in Christianity based on believing Jesus, Mother Mary and the Disciples. There are also religions that categorise themselves based on other beliefs of spirituality. All are biased, against one another and all are partial and separated by one another.

Do do you have a heart that wants to unite only and not divide by these categories? Division by categories and facts of the world, whereas, unity by the Grace of God where we learn to think above all these differences.

Let's Think Above for Unity Within and Outside

Thinking above obstacles of our own thinking is Grace. Thinking for unity and peace is Grace. Knowing the truth of God is Goodness. Goodness for the sake of unconditional love is the true goodness. Thinking above is the true thinking. Thinking without partiality is unity. Hence, the whole world can be united with ONE thinking within. Grace thinking is ONE thinking where we think by the pure wisdom of God's Grace without partiality.

Article purely written by @puregrace
(I am not influenced by any books, religion or any person. Whatever I have written is from my pure senses of Grace, Mercy and Peace being led by the spirit of God of Grace only. My intention is to love the world unconditionally and not to condemn it in anyway)

Image Credit: Created by @puregrace

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