Waking up for the Anzac Dawn Service | 为Anzac Dawn仪式醒来

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Finally we set foot on Europe (technically) as we stepped off the ferry onto the Gallipoli Peninsula. Since we didn't come with our bikes it didn't count as "having made it to Europe".

最后我们踏上了欧洲,因为我们下了渡轮到加里波利半岛。 由于我们没有携带自行车,所以它并不算“已经进入欧洲”。

24 April 2019

6 pm

Our ferry docked and we headed towards the other side of the peninsula. It is a 10 km walk to get to the Anzac memorial site. Security is heightened as we saw police cars escorting bus full of tourists back and forth. It wasn't much of walking for us as we've become used to going the "extra miles". There were two ways to get there and we picked the quiet farm road instead. It was very pleasant and got us thinking about how different it would've been during war time here. We walked passed fields of yellow rapeseed flowers and poppies. After an hour we got to the intersection which was heavily policed. They looked confused why we weren't on a bus.

我们的渡轮停靠,我们前往半岛的另一边。 距离Anzac纪念馆有10公里的步行路程。 正如我们所看到警车护送一辆满载游客的来回安全性提高。 走路并不多。 到达那里有两种方法。 这非常愉快,让我们考虑一下。 黄色的油菜花和罂粟花。 经过一个小时我们到达十字路口后,我们受到了严格监管。 他们在公共汽车上。

7 pm

Looked like we were the only tourists that had walked up here. Everyone else was loaded into buses and they've started arriving. Through our translator app, the police said we can't pass through unless we got a VIP pass (not an attendance pass). They checked our passports, ticket and bag. We thought afterward they'll escort us through but we were dead wrong. Instead of helping us get through, we were told to stand by the police cars and wait.... for something. After another half hour we approached the officers again and he told us we needed to get back to the Registration carpark (which was 6km away). With some luck, an empty bus heading back took us.

看起来只有我们两个走过来的。 其他人都上了公共汽车,他们已经陆续抵达。 在我们的翻译应用程序中,警方表示我们需要通行证(不是门票)。 他们检查我们的护照,门票和行李。 我们以为错了, 查了以后没有帮我们打通了,我们被告知由警车站在....等待。 半个小时后他们说我们需要回去停车场的登记(距离6公里)。 凭借一点运气,一个空的公交车带我们打道回府。

9:30 pm

We heard some friendly voices and was helped out by some organisers from Australia. After some more waiting we got into a bus with several other travellers who came in privately. We finally made it… so we thought.

我们听到了一些友好的声音,并且正在享受澳大利亚的一些组织者。 和其他几个人一起上公共汽车。 我们终于到了。

11 pm

After going through several police checkpoints, we lined up with hundreds of other visitors to get our bags checked. It's been a long day and we were excited to be closer and closer to the memorial site.


25 April 2019

1 am

We finally made it inside and the place is big. Some people have already gone to sleep in their sleeping bag, some still chatting away, some lining up for food at the food truck. We got introduced to a reporter from Newshub (NZ news channel) and told him our adventure. Impressed my how we got here, the cameras started shooting as we talked about our journey.

我们终于到了。 有些人睡觉,聊天和排队买东西吃。 我们见面了一个Newshub的记者。 我们在谈论我们的旅程。

2:30 am

Finally after everything was settled and our beds were made, we said goodnight and dozed off. We stopped the recording of our day with the Strava tracking app.


4:30 am

We got woken up by an organiser — "the dawn service is about to start". It wasn't easy getting up, but that sense of shared tiredness from everyone around us made it less difficult. We started filling up the front section closer to the flags and screen. Everyone is quiet and tired.

我们被组织者唤醒了。 起床并不容易,但这种共同的疲倦感使我们感觉不那么困难。 我们从旗帜和屏幕开始过来。 每个人都很安静,很累。

5:30 am

The sun rose and the service was well underway. Speeches were made, wreath were laid. The service went without a hitch and everyone was glad the weather was good. The representative from New Zealand was the speaker of the house. We found his speech portrayed a feeling of regret for the mistake to invade, and that we "could've won". It didn't felt like the right attitude to bring to this special event.

太阳升起,事件开幕了。 演讲结束,花圈奠定了。 天气很好。

Part Three will include the New Zealand service at Chunuk Bair.
第三部分将包括在Chunuk Bair的新西兰事件。

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